Biomechanics    (BioMech 2007)

August 20 – 8, 2007
Honolulu, USA
Editor(s): W. Herzog
190 pages
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580-021 Morphological Study of the Mandibular Second Molar using a Micro-CT
K.J. Chun, O.S. Yoo, and J.Y. Lee (Korea)
580-030 Modeling of Nerve-Musculoskeletal Mechanism on Finger Grasp System for Stability Consideration of Bilateral Manipulator
M. Kikuchi (Japan)
580-034 Optimization of Barbell Trajectory during the Snatch Lift Technique by Using Genetic Algorithm
S.L. Nejadian and M. Rostami (Iran)
580-041 Molecular-based Simulation of the Mechanic Response of RBC Membrane in Large Deformations
Q. Zhu, R.J. Asaro, and Z. Peng (USA)
580-050 Sleep-Inducing Factors in Mechanical Environment
H. Kimura, M. Endo, M. Koseki, and N. Inou (Japan)
580-051 Evaluation of Dynamic Spit Tester using Computational Biomechanics for Occupant Ejection Mitigation Research
C.K. Thorbole, S.A. Batzer, and D.A. Renfroe (USA)
580-055 Tetanic Force Estimation from Surface EMG of Maximal Voluntary Eccentric and Concentric Contractions
M.T.G. Pain and S.E. Forrester (UK)
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580-024 The Importance of the Great Toe in Balance Performance
H.-Y.K. Cheng, C.-L. Lin, S.-W. Chou, Y.-Y. Ju, Y.-C. Lin, and M.-K. Wong (Taiwan)
580-029 Postural Stability in Patients with Subacute and Chronic Low Back Pain: Changes Seen with Repeat Testing and Foam Challenge
E. Owens, T. Xia, D. Wilder, M.R. Gudavalli, and W. Meeker (USA)
580-035 Effect of Vibration Stimuli on Postural Response in Humans Standing on Stable and Unstable Supports
M. Yu, Y.-J. Piao, H.-I. Eun, D.-W. Kim, T.-K. Kwon, and N.-G. Kim (Korea)
580-043 Contribution of Hip Joint Passive Moments During the Gait of Children with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
N. Gaudreault, D. Gravel, and S. Nadeau (Canada)
580-046 Leg Stiffness Represents More Movement Characteristics than Structural Differences
Y.-Y. Ju, C.-C. Chang, H.-Y.K. Cheng, C.-C. Chen, and M.-J. Wu (Taiwan)
580-048 Hyperreactivity in Unloading Reaction in Patients with Ankle Functional Instability
W. Liu and M. Santos (USA)
580-053 Multi Body Solid Dynamic Model and Its Application in Human Kinematic Analysis
J.Z. Li, S.H.N. Tan, C.H. Cheong, and P.V.S. Lee (Singapore)
580-057 Age-Related Differences in Pediatric Gait Kinetics
V.L. Chester (Canada)
Track Cardiovascular Biomechanics FreeSubscription
580-005 Using Arterial Transverse Kinetic Energy to Study the Natural Designs of Circulatory System
Y.-Y.L. Wang, M.-Y. Jan, Y.-H. Chen, D.-J. Guo, J.-G. Bau, and W.-K. Wang (Taiwan)
580-007 Simulation of Left-Ventricular Myocardial Deformation for Fluid Domain Movement
S.B.S. Krittian, T. Schenkel, and H. Oertel (Germany)
580-009 Numerical Simulation of the Left Ventricle and Atrium as Reference for Pathological Hearts
K. Spiegel, W. Schiller, T. Schmid, A. Welz, D. Liepsch, and H. Oertel (Germany)
580-028 Fluid-Structure Interaction Approach in Hemodynamic Wall Shear Stress Analysis
V. Kanyanta, A. Ivankovic, and A. Karac (Ireland)
580-036 Flow Behaviour in a Novel Graft/Artery Junction
M. Walsh, T. O'Brien, L. Morris, P.D. Devereux, and T. McGloughlin (Ireland)
580-042 The Development of a Numerical Mass Transport Model for Cardiovascular Drug Elution
B.M. O'Connell, P.D. Devereux, A. Callanan, G.P. Carroll, T.M. McGloughlin, and M.T. Walsh (Ireland)
580-058 Engineering Carbon Nanotube-Collagen Nanocomposite Material for Vascular Grafts
W. Tan, J.R. Twomey, and K. Madhavan (USA)
Track Musculoskeletal Biomechanics FreeSubscription
580-010 A 3D Kinematic Estimation of Knee Prosthesis from Fluoroscopic Images
M.A. Hossain, N. Ikebe, Y. Kihara, and S. Hirokawa (Japan)
580-013 Hip Joint Biomechanics of Stair Ascent and Descent: A Comparison of Resurfacing and Stemmed Arthroplasty
J.A. Wells, A.C. Nicol, R. Ingram, and A.D. Stark (UK)
580-015 A 3D Mathematical Analysis of Knee Prosthesis Capable of Deep Knee Flexsion
T. Katsuhara, M. Fukunaga, M.A. Hossian, and S. Hirokawa (Japan)
580-017 A Comparative Finite Element Study of Condylar Fixation: Preliminary Results
R. MacInnes, A. Day, C.J. Brown, I.D. McDermott (UK), and P. Procter (Switzerland)
580-020 Kinematics and Temporal-Spatial Parameters of the Walking with an Active Ankle Foot Orthosis for a Hemiplegic Patient
Sungjae Hwang, Jungyoon Kim, Younghee Lee, and Youngho Kim (Korea)
580-049 A Three-Dimensional Finite Element Model of a Human Knee Joint - A Preliminary Study
S.H.N. Tan, J.Z. Li, C.H. Cheong, and P.V.S. Lee (Singapore)
580-052 Effect of Prosthesis Liner Material Properties on Interface Stresses between Stump and Trans-Tibial Socket
C.-L. Wu, C.-C. Lin, K.-J. Wang, and C.-H. Chang (Taiwan)
580-802 Modelling and Simulation of Human Body by Considering the Skeleton's Bones
D. Andreescu, F. Ionescu, and H. Riehle (Germany)
Track Spine Biomechanics FreeSubscription
580-014 Biomechanical Effect of Load Carriage on Spine Curvature and Repositioning Ability in Adolescents
C.X.G. Wang, D.H.K. Chow, and M.H. Pope (PRC)
580-032 Helmet and Shoulder Pad Removal in Football Players with Unstable Cervical Spine Injuries
M.C. Dahl, D. Ananthakrishnan, G. Nicandri, and R.P. Ching (USA)
580-033 Lumbar and Lower Extremity Joint Moments during Symmetric Lifting
Seonhong Hwang, Sungjae Hwang, Youngeun Kim, Youngho Kim (Korea)
580-040 Dynamic Finite Element Analysis of the Lumbar Spine Injury on Collision
S.-W. Yang and S.-C. Hsieh (Taiwan)
580-045 Variability of Doctors Delivering Two Hand High Velocity Manual Forces to Thoracic Spine of a Mannequin
M.R. Gudavalli (USA)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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The topics to be covered include but are not limited to: Gait and Motion Analysis - * General Motion Kinetics * Posture and Postural Control * Balance and Stability * Running * Falling * Stairs and Inclines * Loading * Muscle Activity and Dynamics * Motor Development * Multi-Body Dynamics; Orthopaedics - * Bones * Joints * Cartilage * Ligaments and Tendons * Meniscus * The Spine * Lumbar Functional Spine Units (FSU) * Knees * Feet * Hips and Femurs * Shoulders * Upper Extremities * Fracture Fixation * Joint Replacement * Adaptation * Injuries and Diseases * Prosthetics and Orthotics * Mechanics of Implants; Sports and Performance - * Sport Performance * Sport Equipment * Sport Injury Prevention * Methodology and Instrumentation for Sport Simulation * Biomechanical Simulators * Design and Testing of Footwear * Training * Fatigue; Injury and Rehabilitation - * Impact Biomechanics * Man-Machine Interaction * Labour Protection * Spinal Efforts * Ergonomic Systems * Clinical Rehabilitation Technology; The Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems - * Cardiac Mechanics * Respiratory Mechanics * Arterial Mechanics * Hemodynamics * The Heart * Cardiovascular Implants and Devices; The Musculoskeletal System - * Musculoskeletal System Dynamics * Structure and Function Properties of Bone Tissue * Bone Modelling * Muscle Modeling/Theory * Muscle Coordination * History-Dependant Effects on Muscle Force; Neuromuscular Control - * Postural Sway and Joint Stiffness * Motor Programs * Reflexes * Disorders * Electrophysiology; Experiments and Modelling - * Foot Pressure Measurement * Electromyography (EMG) * Kinematics Analysis * Motion Capture/Analysis * Motion Synthesis and Animation * Finite Element Methods * Computational Biomechanics * Optimization * Energy Aspects * Medical Imaging; Other Topics - * Dental Biomechanics * Clinical Biomechanics * Forensic Biomechanics * Pediatric Biomechanics * Geriatric Biomechanics * Cellular Biomechanics * Soft Tissue Biomechanics * Biomaterials * Biological Remodelling Processes * Growth Biomechanics * Mechanotransduction * Biosensors * BioMEMS * Robotics * Drug Delivery.

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