Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications    (IMSA 2008)

August 18 – 20, 2008
Kailua-Kona, HI, USA
Editor(s): M. Mandal
160 pages
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Track Web and Internet Systems and Tools FreeSubscription
624-001 Case Study of the Presentation of Faculty Credentials on a University Web Site
V.F. McGowan (USA)
624-051 Error Analytic Model for Web Application Reliability Improvement
N. Alaeddine and J. Tian (USA)
624-056 Light-Weight Decentralized Autonomic Web Service Discovery for Systems with Heterogeneous Communication Capabilities
A. Haseeb (Sweden), M. Matskin (Sweden, Norway), and P. Kngas (Sweden)
624-058 3D Mesh Models Signature
J. Zou, H. Deng, and J. Xiong (PRC)
624-064 A Neuro-Surgery Ward Bed-Allocation Modeling System using Software Agents
R. Paranjape, M. Ogrady, and S.G. Nejad (Canada)
Track Multimedia Information Systems FreeSubscription
624-022 Design and Implementation of Performance Test Toolkit for Multimedia Stream System
Y.-J. Lee, H.-Y. Kim, and C.-H. Lee (Korea)
624-027 Fully Service-Integrated Mobile Application for Photo-Sharing
E. Vartiainen, T. Strandell, and J. Kaasalainen (Finland)
624-028 Comparing Static and Self-Organizing Behaviours for VoD Servers
P. Krpti (Norway), T. Szkaliczki (Hungary), and L. Bszrmnyi (Austria)
624-033 A Choquet Integral-based Meta-Classifier and its Applications on Multi-Class Image Classification
C. Campos and M. Mandal (Canada)
624-039 Performance Analysis of Myopic Policy for Opportunistic Channel Access
Y. Lee (Korea)
624-063 A Media Synchronization Method for Real-Time Communication in a Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) Environment
K. Tasaka, N. Imai, M. Isomura, and A. Idoue (Japan)
624-065 A Continuous Media Rendering System with Sub-Media for Representing the Story Line of Main-Media
F. Yara, A.I. Uraki, and Y. Kiyoki (Japan)
624-069 A Timing Control Framework in Delayed Network for Distributed Multimedia System
H. Hayakawa, K. Yamamoto, S. Tagashira, T. Kitasuka, T. Nakanishi, and A. Fukuda (Japan)
Track Applications FreeSubscription
624-005 Associating Icons with Musical Genres
J. Holm and H. Holm (Finland)
624-043 An Assemblage of Impressive Shots - A Video Digesting Method based on Viewer's Heart Activity
S. Toyosawa and T. Kawai (Japan)
624-050 Anonymous Electronic Auction System with ID-based Group Signature Scheme
H. Park, E. Choi, Y. Kang, H. Kim, S. Ahn, K. Chun, and Y. Won (Korea)
624-060 Algorithms on Graphs - Automatic Course Verification in eLearning
S. Jeschke, T. Richter, T. Isele, and O. Pfeiffer (Germany)
624-066 An Intuitional 3D Virtual Navigation System Supporting Motion and Voice Commands
C.-S. Wang and S.-S. Kao (Taiwan)
624-800 Intelligent Resource-Search in Web-based Teaching System
W. Li, Z. Fang, C. Wei, H. Su, and W. Wang (PRC)
Track Data Management FreeSubscription
624-025 An ICO Consistency Algorithm in Large-Scale Distributed Virtual Environments
H. Zhou, W. Zhang, Y. Peng, S.K. Li, F. Zeng, and F. Liu (PRC)
624-032 Quantization based Data Hiding Scheme for Quality Access Control of Images
A. Phadikar, S.P. Maity (India), and M.K. Mandal (Canada)
624-038 National Educational Strategy Enhancement through a Proposed Data Warehousing System
A.A. Mirza (Saudi Arabia)
624-057 Improving Content-based Retrieval on Electronic Apparel Catalog Retrieval System
X.-P. Zhang, F. Wang, and D. Li (Canada)
624-801 Tower of Babel: Facilitating Multi-Cultural Educational Activities and Group Work with 3D Collaborative Virtual Environments
E. Prasolova-Frland (Norway) and T.-W. Chang (Taiwan)
624-802 Evaluation of Interfaces for Describing 3D Faces
M. Phielipp and J.A. Black, Jr. (USA)
624-803 Web Data Extraction using Clustering
H. Xu and J. Park (Canada)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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This conference covers all aspects of Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications, including but not limited to: Web and Internet Systems and Tools - * Internet Architectures * Web and Internet Tools * Web Design * Internet Search Technologies * Optimization Techniques * Protection and Security * Privacy * Fault Tolerance * Internet Computing * Parallel and Distributed Processing * Java-based Applications for Web * Software Agents * Expert Systems * Knowledge-based Systems * Computer Vision; Multimedia Information Systems - * Multimedia Tools and Architectures * Multimedia Broadcasting Systems on the Web * Operating System Support for Multimedia * Multimedia Communication Systems * Multimedia Networking * Distributed Multimedia Systems * Content-based Multimedia Retrieval * Multimedia Performance and Management * Mobile Multimedia * Video-on-Demand * Digital Video Broadcasting * IP-based Networks * ATM Networks * Transport Protocols * Routing Protocols * Quality of Service * Scheduling * Resource Management; Networked Multiplayer Games - * Multimedia Technologies and Games * Internet-based Multiplayer Games * Game Architecture and Development; Data Management - * Database Management Systems * Databases and the Web * Intelligent Databases * Multimedia Databases * Digital Libraries * Data Modelling * Data Warehousing * Data Mining * Database Ontology * Coding and Compression * Digital Watermarking * Video Storage Servers * Information Retrieval * Collaborative Systems and Distance Learning * Distance Learning * Educational Multimedia * Distributed Learning * Collaborative Learning * Collaborative Systems and Applications * Virtual Reality * Video Conferencing * Computer Animation * Human-Computer Interfaces * Modelling and Simulation; Applications - * Electronic Commerce * Mobile Commerce * Internet Banking * Business * Medicine * Engineering * Education * Entertainment * Others * Graphics and Virtual Worlds.

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