Solar Energy    (SOE 2009)

March 16 – 18, 2009
Phuket, Thailand
Editor(s): M.H. Hamza
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Track Grid Connection and Energy Conversion FreeSubscription
647-014 Input-Output Linearization Control of an LCL Filter Employing a Symmetric Geometry in Grid-Connected Inverter Applications
D.-H. Ha, K.-J. Lee, R.-Y. Kim, and D.-S. Hyun (Korea)
647-031 The Effect of Spherical Hub-Nose Position on Pressure Drop in an Oscillating Water Column System for Wave Energy Conversion
Z. Taha (Malaysia), Sugiyono (Malaysia, Indonesia), N. Ahmad, R.A.R. Ghazilla, H.J. Yap, T.Y.T. Ya, R. Passarella, I. Hasanuddin, and M. Yunus (Malaysia)
647-033 Siting and Sizing of Distributed Generation using Three New Indices
M.J. Jahromi, M.H. Haque, and K.J. Tseng (Singapore)
Track Photovoltaic and Nanotechnology FreeSubscription
647-016 Thermoelectric Properties and Nanostructures of Materials Prepared from Rice Husk Ash
S. Pukird, U. Tipparach, P. Kasian, and P. Limsuwan (Thailand)
647-022 The Effect of Temperature on the Performance of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells using Nanostructured TiO2
T. Saipin, P. Wongwanwattana, T. Sompun, S. Pukird, and U. Tipparach (Thailand)
647-024 Enhancing the Performance of Photoelectrolysis Cells for Solar Hydrogen Generation via NANO-TiO
U. Tipparach, P. Wongwanwattana, T. Sompun, and P. Limsuwan (Thailand)
647-032 Determination of Photovoltaic (PV) Remote Offshore Generation System Performance using Probabilistic Assessment
M.H. Shwehdi (Saudi Arabia)
Track Solar Energy and Applications FreeSubscription
647-011 Spatial Distribution and Temporal Variability of Solar Radiant over Southern Thailand
J. Waewsak and C. Chancham (Thailand)
647-029 Performance of a Forced Convection Solar Drier Integrated with Gravel as Heat Storage Material
M. Mohanraj (India) and P. Chandrasekar (Malaysia)
647-034 A Solar Vehicle based on Sustainable Design Concept
Z. Taha, J.M. Sah, R. Passarella, R.A.R. Ghazilla, N. Ahmad, Y.H. Jen, T.T. Khai, Z. Kassim, I. Hasanuddin, and M. Yunus (Malaysia)
647-035 Developing of a Telemetry Monitoring System for a Solar Vehicle
Z. Taha, R. Passarella, J.M. Sah, H.X. Hui, N. Ahmad, R.A.R. Ghazilla, Y.H. Jen, and T.T. Khai (Malaysia)
647-037 Maximizing the Energy Storage Performance of Phase Change Thermal Storage Systems
N.A.M. Amin, F. Bruno, and M. Belusko (Australia)
Track Solar Thermal Energy FreeSubscription
647-002 Economic Feasibility of Solar Domestic Hot Water Systems in Syria and Armenia
S.Sh. Soulayman (Syria), N. Ananikyan, and G. Martoyan (Armenia)
647-003 An Educational Solar Tracking System
S.Sh. Soulayman (Syria)
647-005 Presentation and First Experimental Results of a Solar Air Collector Integrated in a Shutter
J.-L. Canaletti, G. Notton, and C. Cristofari (France)
647-007 The Effect of Tube Arrangement on a Flat Plate Solar Water Heater Performance
E.A. Handoyo and A. Kristianto (Indonesia)
647-036 Some Characteristics of Heat Production by Stationary Parabolic, Cylindrical Solar Concentrator
M. Bojić, N. Marjanović, I. Miletić, A. Mitić, and V. Stefanović (Serbia)
Track Additional Paper FreeSubscription
647-006 Sizing of a PV/H
P. Poggi, C. Cristofari, J.L. Canaletti, C. Darras, and M. Muselli (France)
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