Computer Graphics and Imaging    (CGIM 2005)

August 15 – 17, 2005
Honolulu, Hawaii
Editor(s): M.H. Hamza
184 pages
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Track Computer Graphics and Modelling FreeSubscription
478-034 A Neuro-Genetic Hybrid Motif Generator for Genetic Art
J. Wolfer (USA)
478-037 Cumulus Cloud Rendering Techniques
M. Maskey and T.S. Newman (USA)
478-044 The FIN Algorithm - Using Subdivision Methods for Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
N. Gross (Germany)
478-047 An Incremental Photon-Mapping Algorithm for Fast Walk-Through Animations
K. Ikeda, H. Takizawa, and H. Kobayashi (Japan)
478-059 Method of Boundary based Smooth Shape Design
H. Ugail (UK)
478-065 A Real-Time Edge-based Compression/Decompression for 3D Models
B.-S. Jong, W.H. Yang, J.-L. Tseng, and T.-W. Lin (Taiwan)
478-073 Texture Information Driven Triangle Mesh Simplification
A. Xu, S. Sun, and K. Xu (PRC)
478-078 Conversion between T-Splines and Hierarchical B-Splines
Yimin Wang, J. Zheng, and H.S. Seah (Singapore)
478-079 Face Modeling and Animation for MPEG-4 Compliant Model based Video Coding
H. Soyel, K. Yurtkan, H. Demirel, H. Ozkaramanli, M. Uyguroglu, and E. Varoglu (Turkey)
478-080 Object Reconstruction and Extraction for a Visually Guided Robot System
S. Chang, J. Fuller, and A. Farsaie (USA)
Track Medical Imaging and Human-Computer Interaction FreeSubscription
478-004 A Kohonen Clustering based Approach to Segmentation of Prostate from TRUS Data using Gray-Level Co-occurrence Matrix
A. Zaim and J. Jankun (USA)
478-029 Is High Accuracy Gaze Direction Determination Always Needed?
J.L. Beckmann and R.A. Volz (USA)
478-032 Combination of Brain Conformal Mapping and Landmarks: A Variational Approach
Yalin Wang, L.M. Lui, T.F. Chan, and P.M. Thompson (USA)
478-040 3D Surface Matching with Mutual Information and Riemann Surface Structures
Yalin Wang, M.-C. Chiang, and P.M. Thompson (USA)
478-043 Brain Surface Conformal Parameterization
Yalin Wang, X. Gu, K.M. Hayashi, T.F. Chan, P.M. Thompson, and S.-T. Yau (USA)
478-055 A Geometric Approach to Quadratic Optimization in Computerized Tomography
D. Gordon and R. Mansour (Israel)
478-072 Modified STACS with Two Contours for Myocardial Perfusion MR Images
C. Pluempitiwiriyawej and S. Sotthivirat (Thailand)
Track Visualization and Rendering FreeSubscription
478-028 Interactive Visual Simulation of Ecosystems - Visualizing Fish Schools Changing the Populations
N. Yoshida and D. Sato (Japan)
478-038 Development of an Autonomous Mobile Robot System with a Panoramic Vision
Y.-T. Wang and F.-M. Chang (Taiwan)
478-039 Effects of Information Location in Learning Factual Information in a 3D Environment
B.Z. PĂ©rez (Mexico) and R. Cox (UK)
478-041 Distributing Stereoscopic Views on Thin Client Displays
G. Turner and C. Choksey (USA)
478-062 Pointillist Halftoning
A. Hausner (USA)
478-066 Development of a Vision System for an Outdoor Service Robot to Collect Trash on Streets
Y. Fuchikawa, T. Nishida, S. Kurogi, T. Kondo, F. Ohkawa, T. Suehiro, Y. Watanabe, Y. Kawamura, M. Obata, H. Miyagawa, and Y. Kihara (Japan)
478-069 Space-based Remote Sensing and Visualization - Tools for Studying Bird Migration Across Multiple Scales
J.A. Smith (USA)
Track Imaging and Image Processing FreeSubscription
478-011 Scale-Space Mutual Information for Textural-Patterns Characterization
G. Seedahmed and A. Ward (USA)
478-018 Image Prediction for Virtual Environments by Means of Background Image Warping and 3D Object Tracking
M. Pieper and A. Kummert (Germany)
478-020 A Three-Step Approach to Detect and Remove Grid Lines in Well-Logging Digitization
M. Lai, L. Li (USA), and Y. Liu (UK)
478-025 Wavelet-based Image Compression using Support Vector Machine Learning and Encoding Techniques
R. Ahmed (Australia)
478-035 Gradient Vector Flow Models for Boundary Extraction in 2D Images
G.A. Giraldi, L.S. Marturelli, and P.S. Rodrigues (Brazil)
478-064 An Efficient Architecture for Deblocking Filter in H.264/AVC Video Coding
C.-M. Chen and C.-H. Chen (Taiwan)
478-081 3D Object Reconstruction using Line and Point Feature Matching
S. Chang, H. Deng, J. Fuller, and A. Farsaie (USA)
478-802 Noise Resistant Contrast Enhancement
Y.-T. Kim (USA)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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This publication covers the following topics: Computer Graphics and Modelling; Medical Imaging and Human-Computer Interaction; Visualization and Rendering; and Image and Image Processing.

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