Communication, Network, and Information Security    (CNIS 2005)

November 14 – 16, 2005
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Editor(s): M.H. Hamza
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Track Authentication FreeSubscription
499-021 The Achilles' Heel of JPEG-based Image Authentication
M. Schlauweg, T. Palfner, D, Pröfrock, and E. Müller (Germany)
499-042 Modelling a Biometric Authentication Protocol for 3G Mobile Systems using CSP
S.A. Shaikh (UK) and C.K. Dimitriadis (Greece)
499-053 Two Practical Attacks against Bluetooth Security using New Enhanced Implementations of Security Analysis Tools
K.M.J. Haataja (Finland)
499-071 Anonymous Communications on the Internet
Y. Wang and P. Dasgupta (USA)
499-093 Mobility Management for UMTS-WLAN Seamless Handover; WITHIN the Framework of Subscriber Authentication
H. Kwon, K. Rho, A. Park, and J. Ryou (Korea)
499-813 A New Authentication Protocol for Revocable Anonymity in Ad-Hoc Networks
A. Wierzbicki, A. Zwierko, and Z. Kotulski (Poland)
Track Spam and Intrusion Detection FreeSubscription
499-014 Discovering Attack Structures using Behavior Driven Alert Correlation with Dynamic Visualization of Network Intrusions
A.Z. Rana, M.L. Huang, and T. Hintz (Australia)
499-017 Token Buckets for Outgoing Spam Prevention
W.N. Gansterer, H. Hlavacs, M. Ilger, P. Lechner, and J. Strauβ (Austria)
499-023 Preventing Information Leaks in Xwindows
V. Diwakara, V. Rajegowda, and P. Uppuluri (USA)
499-030 Preventing Spam by Dynamically Obfuscating Email-Addresses
T. Eggendorfer and J. Keller (Germany)
499-063 Characterizing and Estimating Network Fluctuation for Detecting Interactive Stepping-Stone Intrusion
J.H. Yang and S.-H.S. Huang (USA)
499-069 LOHIT: An Online Detection & Control System for Cellular SMS Spam
S. Dixit, S. Gupta, and C.V. Ravishankar (USA)
499-078 A Novel Service-Oriented and User-Centric Intrusion Detection System for Ubiquitous Networks
B. Zhou, Q. Shi, and M. Merabti (UK)
499-801 Anomaly Detection in a Distributed Environment using Neural Networks on a Cluster
N. Srinivasan and V. Vaidehi (India)
499-804 A Hierarchical Approach for Detecting System Intrusions through Event Correlation
G.W. Rice and T.E. Daniels (USA)
Track Cryptographic Protocols FreeSubscription
499-022 Efficient Hierarchical Conference Key Establishment in Wireless Networks
S. Eskeland (Norway)
499-034 Extending Constraint Solving for Cryptographic Protocol Analysis with Non-Standard Attacker Inference Rules
S. Malladi and S.J. Rosenberg (USA)
499-086 A PKI-based Secure Audit Web Service
W. Xu, D. Chadwick, and S. Otenko (UK)
499-088 A Compact and Low-Power Implementation of the Montgomery Algorithm for a Public-Key Cryptosystem
J. Rejeb, C. Madaboosi, and T.T. Le (USA)
499-091 An LSB-based Watermarking Algorithm for Grayscale Images
C. Obimbo and Y. Zhang (Canada)
499-803 Design and Implementation of a New Public-Key Certificate Status Handling Scheme
E. Faldella and M. Prandini (Italy)
Track Access Control FreeSubscription
499-033 SH: A Simple Distributed Bandwidth Broker for Source-Routed Loss-Less Networks
G. Horn and T. Sødring (Norway)
499-037 Data Structures for Constraint Enforcement in Role-based Systems
J. Crampton and H. Khambhammettu (UK)
499-039 A Multi-Platform Toolkit for the Configuration of Packet-Filtering Firewalls
M. Prandini (Italy)
499-065 Detection and Removal of Firewall Misconfiguration
F. Cuppens, N. Cuppens-Boulahia (France), and J. García-Alfaro (Spain)
499-089 Cached Guaranteed-Timer Random Drop against TCP SYN-Flood Attacks and Flash Crowds
H. Fujinoki (USA)
Track Network and Information Security FreeSubscription
499-032 Data Protection and Rapid Recovery from Attack with a Virtual Private File Server and Virtual Machine Applicances
J.N. Matthews, J.J. Herne, T.M. Deshane, P.A. Jablonski, L.R. Cherian, and M.T. McCabe (USA)
499-036 Multiple Access Covert Channel
I.S. Moskowitz and R.E. Newman (USA)
499-079 Packet-Level Simulations of the Flash Worm and the Compact Flash Worm
M. Abdelhafez and G.F. Riley (USA)
499-080 A Hybrid Method of Defense against Buffer Overflow Attacks
A. Dasari and P. Dasgupta (USA)
499-081 Government Network and Information Security MCDM Framework for the Selection of Security Mechanisms
L.A. Chemane (Sweden/Mozambique), L. Ekenberg, O. Popov (Sweden), and S. Carrilho (Mozambique)
499-810 A Provable Scheme for Homomorphic Obfuscations in Software Security
and C. Thomborson (New Zealand)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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This publication covers the following topics: Authentication; Spam and Intrusion Detection; Cryptographic Protocols; Access Control; and Network and Information Security.

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