Biomedical Engineering    (BioMED 2006)

February 15 – 17, 2006
Innsbruck, Austria
Editor(s): C. Ruggiero
412 pages
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Track Molecular Bioengineering FreeSubscription
519-051 Application of Computerized Image Processing in Functional Genomics: Preliminary Results
N. Memarian, J. Alirezaie, and A. Golshani (Canada)
519-080 Lung Detection in CT Images by using Improved Active Control Model
J.H. Lee, C.H. Won, D.H. Kim, Y.K. Moon, E.S. Jung, S.H. Woo, B.S. Song, and J.H. Cho (Korea)
519-101 A Preliminary Analysis of Drug Delivery using a Super Long Chopped-Pulse CO2 Laser
M.E. Khosroshahi, Z.S. Mansoori, and Ardebili A. Jafari (Iran)
519-810 Simulation of Blood Flow through a Microvessel Branching
Arezou Jafari, S.M. Mousavi, P. Kolari (Finland), and P. Zamankhan (Finland, Iran)
Track Health Care Technology FreeSubscription
519-003 Research of Service-Oriented and Event-Driven Teleconsultation Platform
L. Ye, Y. Li, and J. Zhao (PRC)
519-026 Identification of Staphylococcus Aureus Infections by Volatile Chemical Headspace Analysis
J.W. Gardner, L. Beeby, M.J. Chappell, F. Udrea, J.W. Yates, and C.G. Dowson (UK)
519-121 Ground Reaction Force (GRF) Measurement of Normal and Above Knee Amputee based on the Gait Speed
J.H. Jun, S.M. Kim, K.S. Shin, S.J. Kim, and S.Y. Park (Korea)
519-804 Bi-Modal Transducer-based Wearable System for Cardiac Monitoring
A. Lanatà, E.P. Scilingo, R. Francesconi, and D. De Rossi (Italy)
Track Biomechanics and Cardiovascular, Bone, and Muscle Systems FreeSubscription
519-018 Human Muscle Modeling using Generalized Cylinders for Volume Consideration
S.K. Semwal, B. Watson, and D.L. McCullough (USA)
519-069 Finite Element Analysis of Stent Expansion Considering Stent, Artery and Plaque Interaction
S.M. Kim and S.Y. Park (Korea)
519-084 Feasibility Study of a Two Dimensional Functional Heart Model based on a Single Fiber Contraction in an Anatomical Array of Myocytes
S. Witman, A. Gefen, and O. Barnea (Israel)
Track Medical Devices, Measurement, and Instrumentation FreeSubscription
519-024 New Parameters for Modeling Shoulder Motion
R.M. Kiss and Á. Illyés (Hungary)
519-039 Design of an Implantable Active Microport System for Patient Specific Drug Release
A. Geipel, A. Doll, F. Goldschmidtböing, B. Müller, P. Jantscheff, N. Esser, U. Massing, and P. Woias (Germany)
519-045 Stabilisation of Electrochemical Biosensors using Hypersolutes
E. Loose and S.J. Setford (UK)
519-059 Development of an Optical Motion Analysis System to Measure Small Movement in Three-Dimensional Space
H. Liu, S. Evans, C. Holt, A. Zhurov, and J. Middleton (UK)
519-061 Electroneurograms Recorded from the Left Vagus Nerve of a Dog
J. Rozman and B. Četina (Slovenia)
519-077 Development and Evaluation for an Adaptive-Feedback Active Noise Cancellation Headset
J.-H. Lin, P.-T. Liu, S.-T. Tang, W.-R. Han, F.-I. Lee, and S.-T. Young (Taiwan)
519-105 An Optimum Accelerometer Configuration and Simple Algorithm for Accurately Detecting Falls
A.K. Bourke, C. Ni Scanaill, K.M. Culhane, J.V. O'Brien, and G.M. Lyons (Ireland)
519-113 A Study of HRV Analysis to Detect Drowsiness States of Drivers
M.-K. Byeon, S.-W. Han, H.-K. Min, Y.-S. Wo, Y.-B. Park, and W. Huh (Korea)
Track MRI, ECG, EEG, and Segmentation FreeSubscription
519-055 Model based Ellipse Fitting for the Estimation of the Cross Sectional Area in MR Images
G. Pisinger (Germany)
519-074 New Robust Methods for Pseudo-Period Detection in Seismocardiographic Signal
P. Smrcka, M. Jirina, K. Hana, and Z. Trefny (Czech Republic)
519-082 Automatic Segmentation of Cortical Region of the Brain from MR Images
A.R. Rugerio Ramos, L. Altamirano Robles, and J.A. González Bernal (Mexico)
519-117 Improved Helmholtz-Type Coils with High B1 Homogeneity - Spherical and Ellipsoidal Configurations
S.M. Ould Ahmed Ghaly, L. Guendouz, A. Hedjiedj, J.M. Escanyé, and D. Canet (France)
519-119 Stastical Analysis of EEG Arousals in Sleep Apnea Syndrome
V. Swarnkar and U.R. Abeyratne (Australia)
519-802 Multi-Seed Segmentation of the Primary Tumor Mass in Neuroblastoma using Opening-by-Reconstruction
R.H. Vu, R.M. Rangayyan, and G.S. Boag (Canada)
519-808 Integrating Information from Pathological Brain MRI into an Anatomo-Functional Model
B. Batrancourt, J. Atif, O. Nempont, E. Angelini, and I. Bloch (France)
Track Modelling, Simulation, Systems, and Control FreeSubscription
519-007 Using Transformation Knowledge for the Classification of Raman Spectra of Biological Samples
K.-D. Peschke, B. Haasdonk, O. Ronneberger, H. Burkhardt, P. Rösch, M. Harz, and J. Popp (Germany)
519-012 Physiological Modelling of Hemodynamic Effects of Simultaneous Administration of Noradrenaline and Dobutamine to Septic Patients in CICU
M. Mahfouf, M.A. Denaï, and J.J. Ross (UK)
519-067 Biomechanics Modeling of Human Musculoskeletal System using Adams Multibody Dynamics Package
A. Veloso, G. Esteves, S. Silva, C. Ferreira, and F. Brandão (Portugal)
519-094 A Blood Gas Hybrid Model for Ventilated Patients in ICU with New Formulations for Dead Space and Tidal Volume
A. Wang, M. Mahfouf, and G.H. Mills (UK)
519-107 Computational Analysis of Epileptic Focus Localization
A. Acar (USA), C.A. Bingöl, H. Bingöl (Turkey), and B. Yener (USA)
519-115 Parameter Estimation for Models of Cell Signaling Pathways based on Semi-Quantitative Data
K. Fujarewicz, M. Kimmel, T. Lipniacki, and A. Świerniak (Poland)
Track Medical Imaging, Image Processing, and Signal Processing FreeSubscription
519-087 Identifying Cervical Cancer Lesions using Temporal Texture Analysis
D.I. Tapia López, A. Barreto Flores, and L. Altamirano Robles (Mexico)
519-090 Automatic Extraction and 3D Visualization of Coronary Arteries from Angiography Sequences
M. Espinosa Sandoval, L. Altamirano Robles, J.A. González Bernal, and R. D'Zatarain Rivero (Mexico)
519-098 A Proposed Warped Wigner-Ville Time Frequency Distribution Applied to Doppler Blood Flow Measurement
E. Rubio, J. Solano, F. Torres, and F. García-Nocetti (Mexico)
519-110 Wavelet Transformation and Pre-Selection of Mother Wavelets for ECG Signal Processing
P. Bhatia (India), J. Boudy (France), and R.V. Andreão (Brazil)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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This publication covers the following topics: Molecular Bioengineering; Health Care Technology; Biomechanics and Cardiovascular, Bone, and Muscle Systems; Medical Devices, Measurement, and Instrumentation; MRI, ECG, EEG, and Segmentation; Modelling, Simulation, Systems, and Control; Medical Imaging, and Image Processing, and Signal Processing.

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