Robotics and Applications and Telematics    (RA 2007)

August 29 – 31, 2007
Würzburg, Germany
Editor(s): K. Schilling
545 pages
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Track Modelling, Identification, and Control FreeSubscription
563-013 Control of Walking Velocity for a Bipedal Robot using Driving Force Control Method
T. Komatsu and S. Hattori (Japan)
563-023 Optimal Pulse-Width Control of Flexible Dynamic Systems
K.W. Buffinton, K.L. Hoffman, K.A. Hekman, and M.C. Berg (USA)
563-024 Concepts of Model-based Control and Trajectory Planning for Parallel Robots
K. Belda, J. Bhm, and P. Pa (Czech Republic)
563-027 Redundant Robot Manipulator Control with Obstacles Avoidance using Self-motion Approach
M. Benzaoui and H. Chekireb (Algeria)
563-031 A Study of Safety Control for Omni-Directional Mobile Robots in Consideration of Driving Wheel Slips
N. Ushimi, K. Tsuruta, and M. Yamamoto (Japan)
563-043 Optimal Muscle Coordination of a Robot Joint using Vibrant Particle Swarm Optimization
M. Suzuki and T. Mayahara (Japan)
563-055 Impedance Control of Flexible Base Mobile Manipulators New Method: SMIC for FBMM
M. Salehi and G. Vossoughi (Iran)
563-057 Elasto-Geometrical Calibration of a Pantographic Linkage used as a Coordinate Measuring Arm for PKM Applications
M. Rognant and P. Maurine (France)
563-107 A New Motion Control Scheme for Underwater Vehicle-Manipulator Systems
Y. Guo, G. Xu, X. Xiang, and Z. Xiao (PRC)
563-115 Real-Time Point Stabilization of a Mobile Robot using Model Predictive Control
J.A. Vasconcelos Alves and W. Fetter Lages (Brazil)
563-121 Adaptive Tabular Pulse-Width Control of a Prismatically Jointed Manipulator
K.W. Buffinton, J.A. Schwab, C.M. Hubicki, S.A. Freeman, and M.C. Berg (USA)
563-802 On the Determination of Parallel Mechanism Unmanipulable Singularities
Y. Yang and J.F. O'Brien (USA)
Track Biomimetic Robotics FreeSubscription
563-012 3D Active Workspace of the Human Hand Shaped End Effector
D. Drǎgulescu, L. Ungureanu, K. Menyhardt, and A. Stanciu (Romania)
563-083 Studies and Guidelines on the Design of the "DOHELIX" Technical Muscle
H. Staab and A. Sonnenburg (Germany)
563-124 Robust Control of a McKibben Artificial Muscle Actuator using a Sliding Mode Control with a Smith Predictor
B. Tondu, R. Lezama-Morales, and A. Khelassi (France)
563-141 Humanoid Gait Synthesis with Moving Single Support ZMP Trajectories
K. Erbatur and U. Seven (Turkey)
Track Robotic Navigation and Localization FreeSubscription
563-014 6D Slam with Cached K-D Tree Search
A. Nchter, K. Lingemann, and J. Hertzberg (Germany)
563-048 A Novel Approach to the Mobile Robot Localization Problem using Tracking Methods
A. Kraeussling (Germany)
563-060 An Environment Driven Model of Human Navigation Intention for Mobile Robots
S. Thompson, T. Horiuchi, and S. Kagami (Japan)
563-142 Localisation for an Outdoor Robot by Optically Measuring the Ground Movement
W. Seemann and K.-D. Kuhnert (Germany)
Track Applications FreeSubscription
563-021 Robotics for Archaeology: In Quest of the Grotta dei Cervi
S. Taraglio, G. Bonanno, C. Moriconi, V. Nanni, and S. Pagnottelli (Italy)
563-034 Automatic Cleaning Robot System for Live-Line Suspension Insulator Strings
J.-Y. Park, B.-H. Cho, S.-H. Byun, and J.-K. Lee (Korea)
563-045 Unloading Unknown Objects
G. Ruge and R. Seidemann (Germany)
563-053 Optimization of a Redundant Robotized Cell: Application to the Finishing of Cast Parts
V. Robin, L. Sabourin, and G. Gogu (France)
563-056 Development of a Mobile Welding Robot for Double Hull Structure in Shipbuilding
K.-Y. Lee, J. Kim, T.-W. Kim, S. Lee, D. Lee, S. Ha, N.-K. Ku, J.-H. Cha, and S.-H. Kim (Korea)
563-093 Realization of an Emotional Conscious Robot and Imitation Behavior
R. Igarashi, T. Suzuki, Y. Shirakura, and J. Takeno (Japan)
563-095 Development of a Practical Landmine Searching Robot
M. Freese, T. Matsuzawa, Y. Oishi, P. Debenest, K. Takita, E.F. Fukushima, and S. Hirose (Japan)
563-119 Integrating FIRST Robotics Program with University Curriculum
A.D. Tonkonogui, P. Bell, A.R. Linse, and A.V. Mamishev (USA)
Track TeleRobotics and Communication FreeSubscription
563-035 Handling Time Delay of Sensor Data Processing in a Model based Remote Operation Environment
C. Walter, E. Schulenburg, D. Beier, and N. Elkmann (Germany)
563-064 Astronautic Communication for Telepresence Applications
G. Schroth, C. Preusche, and P. Hinterseer (Germany)
563-066 Development of an Indoor Blimp Robot with Internet-based Teleoperation Capability
Y. Ohata, S. Ushijima, and D.N. Nenchev (Japan)
563-069 Short-Range Infrared Wireless Communication System for Multi-Mobile Robot Team Operations
H. Takai, G. Yasuda, and K. Tachibana (Japan)
Track Unmanned Aerial Vehicles FreeSubscription
563-079 GA-based Flight Motion Model Parameter Identification of a Subminiature Fixed-Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Z. Gong, J. Rao, and Z. Jiang (PRC)
563-096 Modeling, Sensorics and Control of a Robotic Airship
M. Gerke and I. Masr (Germany)
563-135 Verification of Autonomous Robotic Systems: A Perspective
N. Hochgeschwender and H. Voos (Germany)
563-137 UAV "See and Avoid" with Nonlinear Filtering and Non-Cooperative Avoidance
H. Voos (Germany)
Track Robot Design and Architecture FreeSubscription
563-063 snowBOTS: A Mobile Robot on Snow Covered Ice
H. Fredriksson, S. Rnnbck, T. Berglund, . Wernersson, and K. Hyypp (Sweden)
563-075 Development of Spherical-Trailer-Type Cable Reel Mechanism
M. Arai and S. Hirose (Japan)
563-078 Study on the Extending Motion of "Bridle Bellows"
T. Aoki and S. Hirose (Japan)
563-132 Controlling the Visual Attention of Intelligent Vehicles
A. Barta, B. Takcs, and I. Vajk (Hungary)
563-143 Symmetrically Centralized Magnetic-Wheel Unit for Wall-Climbing Robots
K. Liu, W. Zhang, and P. Zeng (PRC)
563-144 Upgrade of a SCARA Robot using OROCOS
D.M. Tavares, R.V. Aroca, and G.A. de Paula Caurin (Brazil)
Track Human Robot Interaction FreeSubscription
563-076 Approaches to Mixed Reality User Interfaces for Teleoperation of Mobile Robots
M. Sauer, F. Driewer, K.E. Missoh, M. Gllnitz, and K. Schilling (Germany)
563-085 Layered Augmented Virtuality
G. Ahuja, G. Kogut, E.B. Pacis, B. Sights, D. Fellars, and H.R. Everett (USA)
563-154 Exploring Critical Aspects in VR-based Robot Teleguide
S. Livatino (Denmark), T. Gambin, and L. Mosiej (Poland)
Track Computer Vision FreeSubscription
563-042 Vision-based Robot Homing in Dynamic Environments
J. Saez Pons, W. Hbner, H. Dahmen, and H.A. Mallot (Germany)
563-052 Algorithms for Visual Odometry in Outdoor Field Environment
S. Ericson and B. strand (Sweden)
563-125 Image based Visual Servoing using Bitangents Points Applied to Planar Shape Alignment
E. Ozgur and M. Unel (Turkey)
563-136 A General-Purpose Vision System for Diverse Robots
T. Mkel, A. Tikanmki, and J. Rning (Finland)
Track Robot Sensing FreeSubscription
563-046 Applications of Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) and Industry Robots with PMD-Camera
A. Prusak, J. Bernshausen, H. Roth, J. Warburg, C. Hille, H.-H. Gtting, and T. Neugebauer (Germany)
563-047 Object Handing with a Robotic Hand Equipped with Optical Three-Axis Tactile Sensors
M. Ohka, J. Takata, H. Kobayashi, H. Yussof, and Y. Mitsuya (Japan)
563-129 A Novel Electromagnetic Signature Sensor for Mobile Robots
M.F. Miskon and R.A. Russell (Australia)
563-134 Model-based vs. Model-Free Visual Servoing: A Performance Evaluation in Microsystems
M.A. Hocaoglu, H. Bilen, E. Ozgur, and M. Unel (Turkey)
Track Manipulators FreeSubscription
563-033 Mechanical Design and Development of Wire Driving Robot Arm
J. Yuan, W. Zhang, J. Tao, and Z. Wan (PRC)
563-099 A Contour Following Strategy for 2-Link Manipulator using Coordinate Transformation Approach
C.-C. Peng and C.-L. Chen (Taiwan)
563-114 Computing Symbolic-Algebraic Models of Industrial Manipulator Arms in a Fully Automatic Way
M. Wenz and H. Wrn (Germany)
563-120 Closed Chain Mechanism of a Micro and Nano Robot for Cell Manipulations
F. Ionescu (Germany), I. Talpasanu (USA), K. Kostadinov, R. Hradynarski (Bularia), and D. Arotaritei (Romania)
Track Multi Robot Systems FreeSubscription
563-127 Path Planning for Formations using Global Optimization with Sparse Grids
M. Saska, I. Ferenczi, M. Hess, and K. Schilling (Germany)
563-153 Flocking with Target-Tracking using Novel Artificial Potentials in a Dynamic Environment
X. Xiang, G. Xu, Y. Guo, and Q. Zhang (PRC)
563-804 An Architecture for Multirobot Motion Coordination
F.M. Marchese (Italy)
Track Medical Robotics and Healthcare FreeSubscription
563-018 Study on a New Type of Sole for a Health Care Implement
Y. Hayakawa and Y. Ikeda (Japan)
563-022 A Novel Patient Mobility and Rehabilitation Robot
R. Bostelman and J. Albus (USA)
563-113 Robot Hand with Soft Compliant Mechanism for Human Body Care
S. Kajikawa (Japan)
Track Robot Data Processing FreeSubscription
563-054 A Framework for using Tactile Data in Autonomous Reactive Manipulation
A. Morales, M. Prats, and G. Recatal (Spain)
563-091 Learning Repetitive Robot Programs from Demonstrations using Version Space Algebra
M. Pardowitz, B. Glaser, and R. Dillmann (Germany)
563-123 People Tracking with a Mobile Robot: A Comparison of Kalman and Particle Filters
N. Bellotto and H. Hu (UK)
Track Simulation FreeSubscription
563-051 A Distributed Simulator for the Development of the Unmanned Underwater Vehicles Control Software
D. Suriano and C. Moriconi (Italy)
563-118 Simulation and Optimization of the Rectangular Stewart Cable-Suspended Robot
J. Hamedi and H. Zohoor (Iran)
563-147 Building Blocks for Simulation of Robotic Manipulators
L.R. Soares Jr. and V.H. Casanova Alcalde (Brazil)
Track Humanoid Robots FreeSubscription
563-058 Design of a Reconfigurable Humanoid Robot
B.-H. Lee (Korea)
563-072 Optimum Design of the Humanoid Robot's Foot using the Design of Experiments
J. Yoon, T. Park, K. Jun, S. Lee, and J. Park (Korea)
563-122 Study on Multi-Finger Under-Actuated Mechanism for TH-2 Robotic Hand
W. Zhang, L. Tian, and K. Liu (PRC)
Track Parallel Robots FreeSubscription
563-070 A Fully Geometric Approach for the Workspace Area of the Gantry-Tau Parallel Kinematic Manipulator
I. Tyapin (Australia), G. Hovland (Norway), and T. Brogrdh (Sweden)
563-077 Verification of the Dynamics of the 5-DOF Gantry-Tau Parallel Kinematic Machine
C. Lyzell (Sweden) and G. Hovland (Norway)
563-138 On Singularity Avoidance and Workspace Enlargement of Planar Parallel Manipulators using Kinematic Redundancy
J. Kotlarski, H. Abdellatif, and B. Heimann (Germany)
Track Special Session 1: Outdoor Robotics – Taking Robots Off Road FreeSubscription
563-807 Intelligent Behaviors in Outdoor Environments
A. Birk, K. Pathak, J. Poppinga, S. Schwertfeger, and W. Chonnaparamutt (Germany)
563-808 A Multi-Range Vision Strategy for Autonomous Offroad Navigation
R. Hadsell, A. Erkan, P. Sermanet, J. Ben, K. Kavukcuoglu, U. Muller, and Y. LeCun (USA)
563-810 Design and Realisation of the Highly Modular and Robust Autonomous Mobile Outdoor Robot AMOR
K.-D. Kuhnert and W. Seemann (Germany)
563-811 Multi-Robot System for Exploration in an Outdoor Environment
A. Tikanmki, T. Mkel, A. Pietikinen, S. Srkk, S. Seppnen, and J. Rning (Finland)
563-812 Real-Time Outdoor Trail Detection on a Mobile Robot
A. Bartel, F. Meyer, C. Sinke, T. Wiemann, A. Nchter, K. Lingemann, and J. Hertzberg (Germany)
Track Special Session 2: Networked Robotics FreeSubscription
563-041 Unmanned Ground Vehicle Radio Relay Deployment System for Non-Line-of-Sight Operations
N. Pezeshkian, H.G. Nguyen, and A. Burmeister (USA)
563-050 Survey on Bilateral Teleoperation of Mobile Robots
L. Ma and K. Schilling (Germany)
563-082 Multi-Robot Exploration using Multi-Agent Approach
M. Kulich, M. Rollo, R. Mzl, J. Chudoba, P. Benda, L. Přeučil, M. Pěchouček, and P. tepn (Czech Republic)
563-813 Closely Coupled Behaviour in Networked Robot Systems
D.I. Baker and G.T. McKee (UK)
563-814 End-to-End Congestion Control Protocols for Internet Telerobotics
R. Wirz, R. Marn, J.M. Claver, J. Fernndez, M. Ferre, and R. Aracil (Spain)
Track Telematics FreeSubscription
586-016 A Flexible Framework for Distributed Three-Dimensional Models in Telematic Applications
F. Driewer, M. Sauer, F. Leutert, and K. Schilling (Germany)
586-029 GIMnet – Infrastructure for Distributed Control of Generic Intelligent Machines
J. Saarinen, A. Maula, R. Nissinen, H. Kukkonen, J. Suomela, and A. Halme (Finland)
586-033 TOOPM: A Telecom Operations-Oriented Policy Management System
W. Lv, J. Kang, and W. Chen (PRC)
586-034 Analysis and Design of a Distributed Model of Coordination Control for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems
O.J. López Orozco and J.L. Martinez Lastra (Finland)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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