Computer Graphics and Imaging    (CGIM 2008)

February 13 – 15, 2008
Innsbruck, Austria
Editor(s): D. Thalmann
300 pages
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Track Image Compression FreeSubscription
600-011 Fast Full Search Algorithm using Adaptive Search Order
S. Jin, S.-J. Park, and J. Jeong (Korea)
600-018 A Proposal Modification of the 3OT Chain Code
H. Sánchez-Cruz, M. López-Cruces, and H. Puga (Mexico)
600-030 Fast Multiple Reference Frame Selection Algorithm in H.264/AVC
C. Ha, W. Lee, J. Lee, and J. Jeong (Korea)
600-036 Adaptive Temporal Error Concealment based on Selective Motion Field Interpolation
Hyunwoo Lee, S. Ku, and J. Jeong (Korea)
600-037 MPEG-4 MAC-based Stereoscopic Video Coder for Low Bitrate Communication
J. Kim, Y. Kim, J. Seo, and K. Sohn (Korea)
600-087 3D-TV: Coding of Disocclusions for 2D+Depth Representation of Multi-View Images
C. Vázquez and W.J. Tam (Canada)
Track Digital Imaging FreeSubscription
600-016 An Introduced Blocked-Wavelet Algorithm for Signal and Time Improvements of Images with Multiple Regions
M. Abdou (Egypt)
600-024 Comparison of Two Real-Time Image Processing System Approaches
A. Staudt, M. Langer, and K.-D. Kuhnert (Germany)
600-038 Distance Data Improvement for a Customary PMD Range Imaging Sensor
A. Sabov, J. Radmer, and J. Krüger (Germany)
600-044 Scene Complexity Analysis using Random Curves
Z. Lei (PRC) and P. Bhattacharya (Canada)
600-068 65nm CMOS Sensors Applied to Mathematically Exact Colorimetric Reconstruction
C. Mayr, S. Henker, A. Krause, J.-U. Schlüßler, and R. Schüffny (Germany)
600-071 Visual Surface Inspection of Scale-Covered Steel Billets
J.P. Yun, S.H. Choi, B.Y. Seo, and S.W. Kim (Korea)
600-072 An Improved Edge-based Text Region Segmentation Algorithm Applied to Slab Image Data from Steel Plant
S.H. Choi, J.P. Yun, B.Y. Seo, JeeHoon Park, K.H. Koo, J.H. Choi, and S.W. Kim (Korea)
600-077 Image Registration using Geometric Deformable Model and Penalized Maximum Likelihood
W. Cho, Sunworl Kim, M. Lee, Soohyung Kim, S. Park, and C. Jeong (Korea)
Track Computer Vision FreeSubscription
600-014 Mesh Cutting for Aided 3D Digital Model Setup and Planning
C. Sinthanayothin and W. Tharanont (Thailand)
600-026 Camera Control for Remote Transcription System
Y. Takeuchi, K. Saito, N. Ohnishi, S. Iizuka, and S. Nakajima (Japan)
600-046 Motion Estimation of Deformable Objects with Motion Inertia Information
Y.W. Sohn and M.G. Kang (Korea)
600-062 A Robust Face Detection Scheme for Surveillance Applications
Sunghoon Kim, Hoon Lee, S. Park, K. Choi, and J. Hwang (Korea)
600-083 A Biometric Security System based on a Hybrid Face Recognition Technique
R. Miragaia (Portugal), M.A. Vega-Rodríguez, J.A. Gómez-Pulido, and J.M. Sánchez-Pérez (Spain)
600-093 Automatic Visual Inspection of Bump in Hard Disk Drive Component using Neural Network and Image Processing
S. Kaitwanidvilai and A. Seanton (Thailand)
Track Computer Graphics and Animation FreeSubscription
600-020 Accuracy of GPU-based B-Spline Evaluation
D. Ruijters, B.M. ter Haar-Romeny (The Netherlands), and P. Suetens (Belgium)
600-023 The Simulation of Cloth using Accurate Physical Parameters
C. Luible and N. Magnenat-Thalmann (Switzerland)
600-043 Collision Detection for Coarsely Meshed Deformable Objects
U. Völlinger and J. Misol (Germany)
600-066 Skeleton-based Surface Construction from Unorganized Curves
Z. Xu (USA) and G. Schrack (Canada)
600-067 A Parallel Image Generation Algorithm based on Photon Map Partitioning
M. Tamura, H. Takizawa, and H. Kobayashi (Japan)
600-069 Consistent Tone Reproduction
M.H. Kim and J. Kautz (UK)
600-081 Multicriteria Tunnel Computation
P. Medek, P. Beneš, and J. Sochor (Czech Republic)
600-092 An Efficient Intersection Algorithm Design of Ray Tracing for Many-Core Graphics Processors
K. Komatsu, Y. Kaeriyama, K. Suzuki, H. Takizawa, and H. Kobayashi (Japan)
Track Image Processing FreeSubscription
600-032 Video Super-Resolution by Integrating SAD and NCC Matching Criterion for Multiple Moving Objects
C.-C. Hsieh, Y.-P. Huang, Y.-Y. Chen, C.-S. Fuh, and W.-J. Ho (Taiwan)
600-034 New Weighted Distance De-Interlacing Algorithm based on E-ELA and NAL
S. Lee, T. Kim, H. Choi, and J. Jeong (Korea)
600-040 A Biologically Plausible Model for Selective Color Image Processing
É. Dinet and A. Bartholin (France)
600-042 Tone Mapping and Enhancement of High Dynamic Range Images based on a Model of Visual Perception
M. Raffin and G. Guarnieri (Italy)
600-054 Deferred Image Processing in Intel IPP Library
A. Kibkalo, M. Lotkov, I. Rogozhkin, and A. Turovets (Russia)
600-061 Estimation of Proper Parameter Values for Document Binarization
E. Badekas and N. Papamarkos (Greece)
600-073 On the Impact of Up-Sampling Method for Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction
Jong Hyun Park and M.G. Kang (Korea)
600-089 Sub-Pixel Subdivision Research on Linear CCD Screen Images
Z. Lei, H. Lv (PRC), and P. Bhattacharya (Canada)
Track Visualization FreeSubscription
600-017 Interactive Circuit Diagram Visualization
T. Eschbach and B. Becker (Germany)
600-045 Virtual City Maker and Virtual Navigator: A Modelling and Visualisation Solution for Mobile 3D Virtual Cities
C. Gatzidis, F. Liarokapis, V. Brujic-Okretic, and S. Baker (UK)
600-048 A Physically-based Method for Unfolding the Stomach from 3D CT Images
T.D. Truong, T. Kitasaka, K. Mori, and Y. Suenaga (Japan)
600-058 Architectural Rules for Three-Dimensional Reconstruction
N. Allani-Bouhoula (Tunisia) and J.-P. Perrin (France)
600-064 The Influence of Color on Color Coded Triangulation
D. Modrow, C. Laloni, and G. Rigoll (Germany)
600-079 A Decision Matrix for Choosing the Proper Visualization Technique in Knowledge Visualization
M. Zeiller and K. Edlinger (Austria)
600-085 Visualizing Multiple Uncertainty Sources
J.R. Miller (USA)
600-086 Exploiting Data Coherency in Multiple Dataset Visualization
G. Khanduja and B.B. Karki (USA)
Track Special Session: Invariance And Robustness FreeSubscription
600-027 A Solution to the Next Best View Problem based on D-Spheres for 3D Object Recognition
E. González, A. Adán, V. Feliú, and L. Sánchez (Spain)
600-801 Affine Invariant Total Variation Models
A. Balinsky and H. Balinsky (UK)
600-802 Robust Affine-Invariant Similarity Measures for Patterned Triangles
P. Revesz (USA, Greece)
600-803 Combining Invariance, Robustness, and Stability in Computer Vision
B. Kovalerchuk (USA)
600-804 Invariance via Group-Integration: A Feature Framework for 3D Biomedical Image Analysis
J. Fehr, O. Ronneberger, J. Schulz, T. Schmidt, M. Reisert, and H. Burkhardt (Germany)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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The topics of interest include, but are not limited to: Computer Graphics and Modelling - * Computer Aided Design * Computer Graphics * Graphical Modelling * 3-D Object Extraction * Surface Reconstruction * Surface Modelling * Solid Modelling * Geometric Modelling * Geometric Algorithms * Computational Geometry * Physically-based Modelling * Multi-Resolution Modelling * Hair Modelling * Texture Models * Modelling of Natural Phenomena * Model Validation * Computer Art * Artificial Intelligence Techniques * Applications; Rendering - * Illumination Models * Volume Rendering * Rendering Algorithms and Systems * Parallel Rendering * Monti-Carlo and Finite Element Techniques * Image-based Rendering * Radiosity * Ray Tracing; Visualization - * Information Visualization * Scientific and Mathematical Visualization * Distributed Visualization * Collaborative Visualization * Graph and Network Visualization * Visualization Algorithms * Visualization and Knowledge Discovery * Human Perception * Virtual Reality * Augmented Reality * Visualization of Virtual Objects * Real-Time Visual Simulation * Visualization Software * Computer Games; Imaging and Image Processing - * Image Acquisition Techniques * Image and Pattern Analysis * Image Compression * Image Manipulation * Pattern Recognition * Image Segmentation * Image Synthesis Techniques * Digital Imaging * Internet Imaging * Digital Photography * Digital Video * Wireless Imaging * Color Imaging * Holographic Imaging * Volumetric Imaging * Multi-Spectral Imaging * Hyper-Spectral Imaging * Remote Sensing * Medical Imaging * Acoustic Imaging * Image Ontology * Computer Vision * Stereo Vision * Image Quality * Image Data Management * Software Languages and Tools for Imaging; Animation - * Computer Animation * Artificial Intelligence and Animation * Virtual Humans * Robotics and Animation * Human Figure Animation * Facial Animation * Behavioral Animation * Character Animation * Particle Systems * Motion Capture * Plausible Motion Simulation * Motion Control and Kinematics * Collision Detection * Animation Languages * Animation Systems * Algorithms and Techniques * Virtual Tours * Applications; Human-Computer Interaction - * Graphical Interfaces * Intelligent User Interfaces * Speech Recognition * Design Techniques * User Requirements * Collaborative System Design * Web Designing * Mobile Interfaces * E-Learning * Education * Interface Software and Tools * Interfaces and Agents * Applications.

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