Telehealth and Assistive Technologies    (TeleHealth/AT 2008)

April 16 – 18, 2008
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Editor(s): R. Merrell, R.A. Cooper
256 pages
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Track Assistive Software Technology FreeSubscription
619-002 Automatic and Self-Paced Scanning for Alternative Text Entry
T. Felzer, B. Strah, and R. Nordmann (Germany)
619-010 South African Sign Language Assistive Translation
L. van Zijl and G. Olivrin (South Africa)
619-014 Accessibility of Board and Presentations in the Classroom: A Design-for-All Approach
D. Tsonos and G. Kouroupetroglou (Greece)
619-015 Word Prediction and Communication Rate in AAC
K. Trnka, J. McCaw, D. Yarrington, K.F. McCoy, and C. Pennington (USA)
619-017 Building a Haptically Enhanced Computer Desktop for the Physically Disabled using a Force Feedback Mouse
B. Holbert and M. Huber (USA)
619-018 Recognizing Emotion in Speech using Neural Networks
K. Dai, H.J. Fell, and J. MacAuslan (USA)
619-019 A Multi-Touchpad based Human Computer Gesture Interface for People with Disabilities
Y. Yuan and K. Barner (USA)
619-020 Automatic Text Skimming for Question Answering WITHIN Single Documents for Blind and Dyslexic Individuals
D. Yarrington and K.F. McCoy (USA)
619-024 IRobotAssist: Hosting Automated Agents for Assistive Web Browsing
L. Chen (USA)
619-026 Accessible Bar Charts for Visually Impaired Users
S. Elzer, E. Schwartz, S. Carberry, D. Chester, S. Demir, and P. Wu (USA)
619-027 Eye-Operated Assistive Technology for Environmental Control
F. Shi and A. Gale (UK)
619-028 Desktop Applications for Mongolian Blind People using CR Engine and TTS Synthesiser for Mongolian
M. Davaatsagaan, K.K. Paliwal, and B. Osorhuu (Mongolia)
619-032 Achieving Acceptable Accuracy in a Low-Cost, Assistive Note-Taking, Speech Transcription System
T. Way, R. Kheir, and L. Bevilacqua (USA)
Track Smart Homes and Assisted Living Technologies FreeSubscription
619-004 The MAGLET - A New Electrical Outlet for the Elderly
A. Euerby, M. Neiman, S. Swanson, C. Denis, B. Best, T. Gevaert, C. Wilson, P. Yu, and J. Zelek (Canada)
619-005 A Reminder System for Memory Loss
M. McLarty, E. Migicovsky, P. Srikantha, A. Gopal, P. Marchwica, C. Gawne, P. Yu, and J. Zelek (Canada)
619-006 StandEasy: A Device for People with Parkinson's Disease
A. Schulze, A. Murczek, D. Corneil, D. Kraan, D. Smith, K. Cerar, J. Ma, and J. Zelek (Canada)
619-035 An Environmental Control HW/SW Framework for Daily Living of Elderly and Disabled People
G. Matrella, F. Grossi, V. Bianchi, I. De Munari, and P. Ciampolini (Italy)
619-037 A Novel System for Inferring Activities of Daily Living in Smart Home
M. Kim, S.-L. Bang, S.-k. Song, J. Jang, J. Lim, S.-H. Park, and S.-J. Park (Korea)
Track Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Engineering FreeSubscription
619-007 Efficient and Accurate Femur Reconstruction using Model-based Segmentation and Superquadric Shapes
R. Cuypers, Z. Tang, W. Luther, and J. Pauli (Germany)
619-013 The Influence of Unloading Reflexes on Arm Position: Considerations for the Control of Robotic Assistive Devices
P.S. Archambault (Canada)
619-016 Improving Finger Force Control with Vibrational Haptic Feedback for Multiple Sclerosis
L. Jiang, M.R. Cutkosky (USA), J. Ruutiainen, and R. Raisamo (Finland)
619-034 Philips Stroke Rehabilitation Exerciser: A Usability Test
P. Saini (The Netherlands), R. Willmann (Germany), R. Huurneman (The Netherlands), G. Lanfermann, J. te Vrugt, S. Winter (Germany), and J. Buurke (The Netherlands)
619-800 Modeling and Filtering Athetoid Movement for Assistive Computer Interfaces
K.C. Olds, S. Sibenaller, R.A. Cooper, D. Ding, and C.N. Riviere (USA)
Track Assistive Wheelchair Technology and Mobility Aids FreeSubscription
619-003 Redesign of the Rollator's (Walker's) Parking Brake System
S. Siu, M. Wong, A. Shah, H. Li, A. Soong, R. Cao, L. Pino, and J. Zelek (Canada)
619-022 The Design of a Smart Controller for Electric Powered Wheelchairs
B. Salatin, G. Grindle, H. Wang, and R.A. Cooper (USA)
619-025 Vibration-based Terrain Classification for Electric Powered Wheelchairs
E. Coyle, E.G. Collins, Jr., E. DuPont, D. Ding, H. Wang, R.A. Cooper, and G. Grindle (USA)
619-030 A Mechatronics Vision for Smart Wheelchairs
A. Kawaguchi (USA), Y. Noda, Y. Sato, Y. Kondo, and K. Terashima (Japan)
619-033 Potential Solutions to Improve the Safety of Wheelchair-Seated Drivers and Passengers in Private Vehicles
I. de Jongh and L. van Roosmalen (USA)
Track Telehealth Applications FreeSubscription
619-803 Segmentation of Carotid Artery using Wavelets for the Analysis of Cardiovascular Diseases
K.B. Jayanthi (India), M.S. Kumar (USA), and R.S.D.W. Banu (India)
619-805 HL7-CDA and DICOM Standards in Electronic Health Records System in Ophthalmology
I. De La Torre, R. Hornero, M. López, and M.I. López (Spain)
619-807 Comprehensive Diabetes Management Program (CDMP)
S. Fonda, D. Birkmire-Peters, and S.-E. Bursell (USA)
619-811 Feasibility and Acceptance of Tai Chi e-Learning
J. Li and J. Finkelstein (USA)
619-812 Review of Mobile Phone Use in Preventive Medicine and Disease Management
C. Skinner and J. Finkelstein (USA)
619-813 Telehealth in the Eastern Cape, South Africa
K.H. Tiedemann (Canada)
619-818 Digital Microscopy: A Survey to Examine Patterns of Use and Technology Standards
Peter Kragel and Philip Kragel (USA)
619-819 Multimodal Medical Image Fusion using Autoassociative Neural Network
S. Patnaik and T. Sahoo (India)
Track Computing and Technology FreeSubscription
619-801 Managing Communicable Diseases using an Agile Information Framework
V.L. Narasimhan (USA)
619-804 Technical Challenges in Leveraging Distributed Clinical Data
A. Stell, R. Sinnott, and O. Ajayi (UK)
619-806 Communicating Security Policies to Trusted e-Health Information Systems: A Specification Process based Approach
V.L. Narasimhan (USA) and P.R. Croll (Australia)
619-808 Implementation of an SMS-based Telemedicine System for Patient Electrocardiogram Monitoring
A.A. Tahat (Jordan)
619-809 Theoretical Models and Concepts in e-Education of Health Professionals
O. Lapshin and J. Finkelstein (USA)
619-814 Identification and Patient's Vital Signs Monitoring Solution based on RFID and Wireless Technologies
R. Sliz, H. Kotipalo, I. Ashraf, S. Sasin, H. Alamaki, and H. Sorvoja (Finland)
619-820 Analysis and Reduction of Embedding Error for a Semi-Reversible Image Authentication Watermark
F. Ahmed and I.S. Moskowitz (USA)
Track Additional Paper FreeSubscription
619-822 DDoS Attack Detection using K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier Method
N.H. Vu, Y.-S. Choi, and M. Choi (Korea)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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The topics to be covered include, but are not limited to: Clinical Applications of Telehealth - * Primary Care * Nursing * Home Care * Rehabilitation * Pediatrics * Geriatrics * Dermatology * Radiology * Surgery * Ophthalmology * ENT * Cardiology * Pathology * Oncology * Emergency Medicine * Mental Health * Chronic Disease Management * Dentistry * Consultations; Other Applications of Telehealth - * Sociological Aspects * Data Security and Reliability * Privacy * Cost/Benefit Analysis * Legal, Policy, and Regulatory Aspects * Organizational Aspects * e-Learning * Health Administration * Knowledge Management * Underserviced Communities and Demand for Telehealth * Case Studies; Telehealth Technologies and Interoperability - * Monitoring (Sensors, Receivers, Transmitters, Recorders) * Diagnostics * Digital Imaging * Computed Radiology * Computed Tomography * Ultrasound Imaging * Signal Processing * Image Processing * Image Compression * Data Transmission * Image Transmission * Videoconferencing * Decision Support Systems * Web-based Telehealth * Database and Information Systems * Networking and Interfaces * Robotics * Remote Controls * Surgery Simulations * Visualization * Simulation and Training * Interoperability; Assistive Software Technology * Character Recognition Software * Optical Character Recognition * Teletext * Speech Synthesis * Screen Magnifiers * Screen Readers * Audio Description * Braille Codes * Braille Translators * Voice Recognition Software * Facial Recognition Software * Intelligent Tutoring Systems * Mind Reading/Mapping Software * Machine Translation * Text-to-Speech Synthesizers * Natural Language Processing * Web Accessibility Issues * GUIs * Assistive Technology for Learning Disabilities * Cognitive Orthotics Software * Human-Computer Interaction; Assistive Rehabilitative Technology - * Haptic Interfaces * Assistive Robotics * Virtual Reality * Artificial Intelligence * Intelligent Machines * Prosthetics * Biomimetics * Biomechanics * Stroke Rehabilitation * Bioelectric Sensors * Rehabilitation Engineering * Educational and Vocational Rehabilitation * Distance Education * Cognitive Retraining; Assistive Ergonomic Technology - * Accessibility Issues * Braille Displays * Ergonomic Devices for Transport * Pedestrian Mobility Aids * Navigation Devices * Smart Homes * Advanced Wheelchair Systems * Computer Hardware * Ergonomic Furniture * Tactile Graphics * Adaptive Telecommunications Systems * Assistive Listening Devices * Assistive Dining Devices; Assistive Medical Technology - * Geriatric Care * Functional Imaging * Biomedical Engineering * Audiometry * Wearable Devices * Reminding and Alerting Devices * Vital Signs Monitoring * Hearing Aids * Low-Vision Aids * Reading Magnifiers * Head-Mounted Displays * Artificial Retina Component Chips * Vision Backpacks * Telecare * Telematics Systems * Machine Vision * Eye-Tracking Devices.

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