Water Resource Management    (AfricaWRM 2008)

September 8 – 10, 2008
Gaborone, Botswana
Editor(s): O. Totolo
248 pages
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Track Water Supply and Sustainable Use FreeSubscription
604-011 Best Water Management Practices for Sustainable Agricultural Production in Rwanda
A.J. Rayar and S.K. Pande (Rwanda)
604-015 Simulation of the Effects of Water Pricing Scenarios on Smallholder Irrigators in South Africa
S. Speelman, M. D'Haese, J. Buysse, A. Frija (Belgium), S. Farolfi (South Africa), and L. D'Haese (Belgium)
604-020 Preliminary Results on the Treatment of Acidic Mine Pit Lake Water with Alkaline Coal Ash - Laboratory Tests
M. Preda, P. Scott, C. McCombe, and C. Gimber (Australia)
604-024 Geochemical Assessment and Modelling of Open Cut Pit, Mount Morgan, Queensland, Australia
C. Gimber, M. Preda, P. Scott, and C. McCombe (Australia)
604-029 Groundwater Quality in Rural Villages - A Case Study: Malawi 2006-2007
M. Pritchard (UK), T. Mkandawire (Malawi), and J.G. O'Neill (UK)
604-036 Acute Effects of the Synthetic Pyrethroid Deltamethrin on the Freshwater Shrinp Caridina Nilotica (Roux)
N.P. Gola and W.J. Muller (South Africa)
604-037 Using GIS and Bio-Monitoring Techniques to Analyse the Impacts of Sewage Effluent on Water Quality
S.S. Mutanga (South Africa)
604-054 Watershed-based Retrospective Water Quality Assessment: West River, Jiulong River, Fujian Province, PRC
J. Zhang, L. Zhang (PRC), and P.F. Ricci (USA)
604-801 Cumulative Impacts of Small Dams on South African Caddisflies
S.K. Mantel and N.W.J. Muller (South Africa)
604-805 Seawater Quality Assessment using Data from Marine Automated Monitoring Equipment
H. Wu, L. Zhang (PRC), H. Feng, and J. Murphy (USA)
604-812 Flood Pulse in a Subtropical Floodplain Fishery and the Consequences for Steady State Management
K. Mosepele (Botswana)
604-814 Factors Affecting Present and Future Water and Related Resource Use in the Okavango Basin and Delta
S. Ringrose, D.L. Kgathi, P. Wolski, C.H.M. Vanderpost (Botswana), M. Murray-Hudson, and M. Seely (Namibia)
Track Wastewater and Stormwater Management FreeSubscription
604-013 Adsorption of Phenol by Activated Carbon Prepared from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Fibres
S.A. Muyibi, E.S.M. Ameen, M.Z. Alam, N.A. Kabashi, and M.I. Abdulkarim (Malaysia)
604-014 Characterization and Mobility Enhancement of Iron Nanopowders Suspensions for Groundwater Remediation
R. Sethi, A. Tiraferri, and A. Di Molfetta (Italy)
604-018 Wastewater Management and Energy Recovery in Treatment of Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) Effluent
G.R. Pophali, R.S. Dhodapkar, and T. Nandy (India)
604-025 A Long-Term Planning-based Approach to Sustainable Stormwater Management in the UK
A.D. Swan and V.R. Stovin (UK)
604-027 Sewage Water Treatment Including Elimination of Cytotoxicity and Endocrine Disruptors
O. Pollmann, L. van Rensburg, and N. Engel (South Africa)
604-042 Characterization of Greywater from Selected Sites in South Africa for Potential Re-Use in Irrigation
R. Tandlich, B.M. Zuma, S.A. Dyongman, and A. Slaughter (South Africa)
604-046 Integrated Applications of Decentralized Solutions to Municipal Wastewater Systems in Developing Countries with Arid Climates
R. Hranova (Botswana)
604-056 Changes in Soil Properties Following Irrigation with Greywater
M.J. Travis, A. Weil-Shafran, N. Weisbrod, A. Abramson, E. Adar, and A. Gross (Israel)
604-060 Risk Assessment of Sewage from Leaky Sewers in Urban Underground for Soil and Groundwater
P. An, J. Hua, J. Winter, and C. Gallert (Germany)
Track Integrated Watershed Management FreeSubscription
604-016 A Ripple Effect of Agricultural Policy on Watershed Economic Development and Water Quality Conservation
K. Shoichi (Japan)
604-028 Analysis of the Effect of Parameter Uncertainty in Rainfall Frequency Estimation
P.A. Kagoda and J.G. Ndiritu (South Africa)
604-034 Water Allocation Insights for Transboundary Stream Restoration: A CVM Study of Two Israeli-Palestinian Watersheds
A. Abramson and N. Becker (Israel)
604-055 Change and Variability of Flooding in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, and their Consequences for Water Resources Management
P. Wolski, M. Murray-Hudson, D. Mazvimavi, and S. Ringrose (Botswana)
604-800 Water Resources of Botswana - An Overview
B.P. Parida and D.B. Moalafhi (Botswana)
604-802 River Flow and Wetland Monitoring with ENVISAT ASAR Global Mode in the Okavango Basin and Delta
A. Bartsch, M. Doubkova (Austria), and P. Wolski (Botswana)
604-806 Transboundary Rivers in Southern Africa: The Water Access Issues
J.R. Atlhopheng (Botswana)
Track Issues in Implementing Environmentally Sound Technologies FreeSubscription
604-043 The Influence of Stakeholder-Driven Policy on Water Resource Management: A Conceptual Model and Practical Example
D.H. Pearcy and M.J. Pearcy (USA)
604-052 Ranking Performance Measurement Systems with Multi Attribute Decision Making
B. Zargini (Iran)
604-053 Socioeconomic Considerations in Promoting Safer Irrigation Practices in Urban Vegetable Farming in Burkina Faso
M.L. Kinane (Ghana), A.T. Tougma, D. Ouedraogo (Burkina Faso), and M. Sonou (Ghana)
604-804 Coastal Environment for Recreation and Tourism: Problems and Prospects
U.T. Umoh (Botswana) and E.E. Etim (Nigeria)
604-809 Human Impacts, Water Resources and Ecosystem Maintenance in the Okavango Delta
C. Vanderpost and S. Ringrose (Botswana)
604-810 Operationalizing IWRM WITHIN the Okavango Delta, Botswana
L. Magola, D. Mazvimavi, and S. Motsumi (Botswana)
Track Pollution Prevention and Reduction in Industry (and Modelling) FreeSubscription
604-017 Reactive Transport of Organic Contaminants in Groundwater: Importance of Mixing and Fringe Biodegredation Processes
M. Rolle, R.M. Moreno, and P. Grathwohl (Germany)
604-030 Solid Waste Disposal and the Incidences of Malaria: Any Correlation?
P.K. Amoatey (Ghana), J. Winter, and C. Kaempf (Germany)
604-040 Dynamical Assessment of Fog Harvesting based on Fractal Theory
S. Ghazanfari, M. Musavi B., and M. Naseri (iran)
604-045 Modelling of Crocodile River System using Artificial Neural Networks
N.M. Sebusang (Gaborone) and J. Ndiritu (South Africa)
604-808 Simulating Climate Change and Water Abstraction Impacts on the Hydrology and Ecology of the Okavango Delta
C. Milzow, V. Burg, and W. Kinzelbach (Switzerland)
604-813 Application of Airborne Geophysics in Large Scale Integrated Hydrological Modelling: Case Study - Okavango Delta, Botswana
L. Kgotlhang, A. Green, C. Milzow, and W. Kinzelbach (Switzerland)
Track Additional Papers FreeSubscription
604-811 Water Resource Use in the Tourism Sector in the Okavango Delta, Botswana
J.E. Mbaiwa (Botswana)
604-815 Hydrological, Geomorphological and Geochemical Processes in the Okavango Delta: Water Resource Management Implications
W.R.L. Masamba, P. Huntsman-Mapila, S. Ringrose, and P. Wolski (Botswana)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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The topics to be covered include, but are not limited to: THEME 1: Water Supply and Sustainable Use - Topics include, but are not limited to: * Hydrological and Hydraulic Systems * Conservation, Reuse, and Recycling * Demand Forecasting * Distribution and Optimization * Monitoring and Surveillance * Sourcing * Water Quality Protection * Treatment + Solar Water Disinfection + Low-tech Filtration + Chemical Disinfection * Diagnostic Techniques * Storage * Reclamation * Water Augmentation * Water Use + Aquaculture + Domestic + Recreation + Transportation + Industrial + Agriculture/Irrigation + Hydropower. THEME 2: Wastewater and Stormwater Management - Topics include, but are not limited to: * Containment and Collection * Modelling and Simulation * Stormwater Treatment + Permeable Pavement + Grass Swales + Constructed Wetlands * Instrumentation and Automation * Sludge Handling * Performance Evaluation * Data Analysis and Visualisation Software * Domestic and Industrial Wastewater Treatment + Ultraviolet + Nanotechnologies + Aquaculture * Wastewater Reuse * Wastewater and Stormwater Discharge * Total Maximum Daily Loading * Extreme Events. THEME 3: Integrated Watershed Management - Topics include, but are not limited to: * Watershed Policy and Planning * Capacity building * Hydroinformatics * Best Management Practices * Cumulative Impacts Assessment * Geographic Information Systems * Remote Sensing and Sensor Evaluation * Groundwater Mapping * Instream Flow Needs * Flood Forecasting Techniques * Climate Change Effects * Point and Non-point Source Pollution * Transportation and Fate of Pollutants * Remediation and Restoration * International Rivers.

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