Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications    (EuroIMSA 2009)

July 13 – 15, 2009
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Editor(s): M. Merabti
164 pages
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Track Security and e-Commerce FreeSubscription
671-040 High Order Polynomial Signature Embedding in Wavelet Transform Domain for Robust Digital Image Watermarking
S. Sudirman (UK)
671-057 Evaluation of e-Readiness of the Service Enterprises in China from the Perspective of Value Creation Process
J. Zhao, F. Wang, and M. Chi (PRC)
671-069 An Authenticated Anonymous Group Key Management with only One Rekey Message
L.-C. Wuu and C.-H. Hung (Taiwan)
Track Virtual Reality FreeSubscription
671-066 A Virtual Computer Security Lab for Distance Education
H. Vranken and H. Koppelman (The Netherlands)
671-067 Model based Control Design of Ambulatory Rehabilitation Suspension System using SLPS (Simulink - PSpice Interface)
C. St. Hillaire, S. Moslehpour, H. Almohri (USA), and S.M. Almousawi (Kuwait)
671-074 A 3D Internet Interactive Commerce Framework
A. Shaheed, P. Fergus, A. El Rhalibi, O. E. Abuelma'atti, M. Merabti, and M. Price (UK)
671-077 Development of Web-based Virtual CNC Milling Machine and Machining Process Simulation and Learning
A.C. Okafor, V. Irigireddy, R. Gulati, and H. Ahmadi (USA)
Track Audio, Video and TV FreeSubscription
671-017 Audio Compression using a Munich and Cambridge Morlet Wavelet
K. Abid, K. Ouni, and N. Ellouze (Tunisia)
671-033 Digital Broadcasting Receiver as a Speech-Controlled Interactive Information System
G. Schatter, A. Eiselt, and B. Zeller (Germany)
671-055 Advantages of Applying Video to Interactive Auto-Evaluation: A Model used for the Training of Referees and Instructors of the Fédération Internationale of Football Association (FIFA) and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA)
M.A. Gallardo, A.J.B. Iglesias, and M.S. Quintana (Spain)
671-060 An Improved H.264 Fast Inter-Mode Decision Algorithm
S.-H. Yang and K.-H. Wang (Taiwan)
671-072 Collaboration meets Digital Television - Fact or Fiction?
S. Bachmayer, G. Kotsis (Austria), and A. Lugmayr (Finland)
Track Databases and Information Retrieval FreeSubscription
671-022 Website Visibility - Quantifying Negative Search Engine Ranking Elements for Optimisation
M. Weideman (South Africa)
671-028 Scalable and Persistent Multimedia Data Management System using the Distribute Interval Trees
H. Yoshinaga, T. Tsuchiya, and K. Koyanagi (Japan)
671-030 An Efficient Read Alignment Method to Detect Genetic Structural Variations
K. Lee, J. Yoon, D. Hong, S. Hong, and D. Seong (Korea)
671-049 Automatic Video Processing for Traffic Sign Recognition
W. Allasia, C. Culeddu, F. Gallo, M. Vigilante, and M. Ferraro (Italy)
671-052 Building Custom Video Search upon an Existing MAM System
K. Braeckman, R. De Sutter, and M. Verwaest (Belgium)
Track Web and Internet FreeSubscription
671-048 Reliable and Efficient Data Dissemination in VANETs
C. Wu and T. Kato (Japan)
671-062 A Hybrid Approach to Statistical and Semantical Analysis of Web Documents
T. Gottron and R. Schneider (Germany)
671-064 Improving Wiki Quality by Applying Web of Trust
H. Vranken (The Netherlands)
671-070 A Smart QoS Provisioning System for Voice over IP
Y.-F. Chang and Y.-C. Chen (Taiwan)
671-075 End-User based Bandwidth Management Scheme for Low-Speed Access Links
J.K. Wambua and I.A. Rai (Uganda)
Track Additional Papers FreeSubscription
671-014 Toward Context-based Image Classification
C.F. Tsai (Taiwan) and W.-C. Lin (UK)
671-018 The Bridging of Two Worlds: A Web-IMS Communication Solution
V. Verdot, M. Boussard, N. Bouché, S. Shanmugalingam, and L. Fournigault (France)
671-021 Personalized ISO Document Query System in the Manufacturing Enterprise
C.-L. Huang and C.-C. Chiang (Taiwan)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

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