Signal and Image Processing    (SIP 2010)

August 23 – 25, 2010
Lahaina, Maui, USA
Editor(s): B. Flinchbaugh
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Track Speech Processing FreeSubscription
710-002 Ray Dynamics of an Architectural Acoustic Semi-Stadium System
X. Yu and Y. Zhang (PR China)
710-024 Simultaneous Estimation Method of Musical Instruments and Tone by using MFCC
Y. Uchida and S. Wada (Japan)
710-058 Normalization on Subband Temporal Envelopes for Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition
X. Lu, M. Unoki, and S. Nakamura (Japan)
710-059 Triphone based Continuous Speech Recognition System for Turkish Language using Hidden Markov Model
F. Patlar and A. Akbulut (Turkey)
710-060 Multimode Tree Coding of Speech with Perceptual Pre-Weighting and Post-Weighting
P. Ramadas, Y.-Y. Li, and J.D. Gibson (USA)
Track Computer Vision FreeSubscription
710-019 An Improved Hybrid Method for Moving Object Detection
S.K. Jarraya, M. Hammami, and H. Ben-Abdallah (Tunisia)
710-055 An Acceleration of Particle Filter Algorithm Utilized CUDA
T. Hayashi, S. Enokida, and T. Ejima (Japan)
710-057 Rotation based Algorithm for Parallelizing OS-SART for CT on Homogenous Multicore Architecture
M. Xu and P. Thulasiraman (Canada)
710-066 A Parallel, Hierarchical Scene Classification Framework
W. Feng (PR China, USA), B.P. Buckles (USA), J. Gao (PR China), and Y. Huang (USA)
Track Signal Processing FreeSubscription
710-004 Preprocessing AIS Signals for Demodulation in Co-Channel Interference
D.C. Smith and D.J. Nelson (USA)
710-013 Designing Variable Notches Linear Phase FIR Filters for Real Time Signal Processing
T. Miyata and N. Aikawa (Japan)
710-017 Unique Solvability of Under-Determined Sparse Blind Separation of Nonnegative and Overlapped Data
Y. Sun and J. Xin (USA)
710-073 On Integer Frequency Offset Estimation for OFDM System
J.-H. Lee, H.-J. Kwon, and T.-w. Lee (Korea)
710-075 A New Hybrid Predictive Technique for Lossless Data Compression
R. Swaminathan and M. Das (USA)
Track Image Processing and Applications FreeSubscription
710-005 Applying Wavelet JND Model to JPEG2000
D.-F. Shen and R.-C. Jian (Taiwan)
710-010 A Hybrid Algorithm for Motion Segmentation
E. Martínez-Martín and A.P. del Pobil (Spain, Korea)
710-012 Automated Extraction of Seed Characteristics for Germination Detection
C.L. Kim, C. Li, A. Raheja, and D.W. Still (USA)
710-018 Silhouette-based Object Tracking with Automatic Correction of Tracking-Error
R. Kamada and T. Hayashi (Japan)
710-040 Hyperspectral Anomaly Detector based on Variable Number of Predictors
E. Lo (USA)
710-042 3D Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Human Brain — Novel Radial Sampling, Filtering and Reconstruction
M. Magnusson, O.Dahlqvist Leinhard, P. Brynolfsson, P. Thyr, and P. Lundberg (Sweden)
710-045 A Robust Face Feature Extraction Method using Kernel based Fisher Discriminant Analysis
S.-i. Murakami and S. Wada (Japan)
710-046 Manipulation Detection Method of Color Images using Multiple Watermarking
K. Suziki and S. Wada (Japan)
710-048 Lung Cancer Detection from X-Ray CT Images using Pixel-based Support Vector Machine
H. Takizawa, H. Nishizako, S. Wada, and T. Matsumoto (Japan)
710-049 Shape Recognition of 3-D Objects from Stereovision Data by Use of Object-based MRF Model
H. Takizawa (Japan)
710-056 Digital Analysis of Papers for the Authentication and Dating of Art
B. Pourebrahimi, J.C.A. van der Lubbe (The Netherlands), and G. Dietz (Germany)
710-065 JPEG2000-based Image Authentication Extended by Removable Logo Embedding and Detail Coefficient Scrambling
M. Schlauweg and E. Müller (Germany)
710-068 Generalized Chan-Vese Model for Image Segmentation with Multiple Regions
D.T. Vu, J.Y. Kim, S.H. Choi, and S.Y. Na (Korea)
Track Video Processing FreeSubscription
710-020 A VC-1 to H.264/AVC Intra Transcoding using Encoding Information to Reduce Re-Quantization Noise
T. Yoshitome, Y. Nakajima, K. Kamikura, S. Makino, and N. Kitawaki (Japan)
710-032 Occlusion Aware Motion Compensation for Video Frame Rate Up-Conversion
B. Cizmeci and H.F. Ates (Turkey)
710-069 Subjective Picture Quality Evaluation of MVC Stereo High Profile for Full-Resolution Stereoscopic High-Definition 3D Video Applications
T. Chen and Y. Kashiwagi (USA)
Abstracts may contain minor errors and formatting inconsistencies.
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