Enhancement of Voltage Stability in Distribution Networks by Proposing Fractional Frequency Distribution Systems (FFDS)

R. Ranjan, B. Venkatesh, and A. Chaturvedi (Malaysia)


Radial distribution Networks, Fractional frequency distribution systems, Voltage Stability


This paper presents a new approach for enhancement of voltage stability in distribution networks. It is proposed that supplying power at reduced frequency can reduce reactance of the distribution feeder and improve the voltage stability of the systems. While proposing the distribution feeder frequency at 50/3 Hz (fractional frequency), the design of distribution systems and transmission systems are kept untouched. Only additional frequency changers are required at substation and at load point. The frequency changer at load point enables the consumers to use power at the conventional frequency (50Hz.). Hence, consumer and the frequency ratings of the load will remain unaffected. Computer simulation has been carried out for both the base case (50Hz) and 50/3 Hz fractional Frequency Distribution Systems (FFDS) by taking three examples. The three examples are selected such that small main feeder, medium distribution feeder and large feeder with several laterals can be tested. The results are found very promising as it reduces the reactive power loss by 68% in all the cases and stability limit improves by 17%. The computer simulation results illustrate that FFDS could be a promising new Distribution system.

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