Moment Generating Functions of Filtered Phase Noise in Heterodyne Optical Receivers

M.M. Banat (Jordan)


Phase Noise, MGF, Heterodyne Detection.


In an earlier article [1] the author presented an accurate statistical characterization of filtered laser phase noise in heterodyne optical receivers. The author used simulated phase noise samples to obtain the natural logarithm (log) moment generating function (MGF) of filtered phase noise as a finite-length power series in the frequency variable s . Least squares curve fitting has been used to estimate the series coefficients. In this paper a much more accurate representation is obtained by expressing the power series in terms of 1 4 s . The results of this research are applicable to a host of problems in heterodyne optical receiver performance evaluation. They also have the advantage of being accurate in large- as well as small-phase noise situations. A wide range of phase noise levels is studied through the variation of the linewidth-duration product (values between 0.001 and 10 are considered). Most current and previous literature on this issue assumes phase noise is small. A demonstration of the error in applying the small phase noise approximation to cases of large and medium phase noise were presented in [1].

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