A Pattern based Presentation Independent User Interface Architecture

S. Mitterdorfer, E. Teiniker, C. Kreiner, R. Weiss, and Z. Kovács (Austria)


GUI, Design Pattern


The user interface requirements for web applications are different from those for desktop applications. For example, desktop applications can be customized in ways that web applications can not. On the other hand, the primary rea sons for supporting web applications are remote access ca pability and security. The necessity for both kind of graphi cal user interfaces results in a complicated development ef fort (different naming conventions, different usage of GUI controls), which in itself increases the complexity of devel oping a product that supports both technologies. For these reasons, you cannot follow the same user interface programming guidelines for desktop and web ap plications. We want to show an approach how we can unify GUI design for desktop and web devices, so that a single GUI specification can be rendered by both technologies. The approach is based on traditional design patterns.

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