SWEXSYS: A Semantic Web Expert System Shell

O.A. Thomas and D.J. Russomanno (USA)


Expert System Shell, Semantic Web, RDF, Prolog


In this paper we describe our ongoing development of a Semantic Web Expert System (SWEXSYS) shell which is capable of building applications which reason with knowledge and data instantiated from multiple ontologies using Resource Description Framework (RDF), knowledge expressed using Rule Markup Language (RuleML), as well as other knowledge expressed as functional, structural, or causal models. Moreover, SWEXSYS is capable of accommodating various reasoning strategies including backward chaining, forward chaining, reasoning under uncertainty, and plausible inference. We propose that such a system has a great potential with respect to Semantic Web applications. Currently, SWEXSYS performs as a middleware application development shell that can serve as a platform to implement monitoring, design, and classification applications using Semantic Web compliant resources.

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