Modeling and Physical Simulation of the Ground Articulating Pipeline System

S. Frimpong and Y. Li (Canada)


Ground Articulating Pipeline, Dynamic Modeling, Virtual Prototype, Physical simulation 1.0


Dynamic modeling and physical simulation of the ground articulating pipeline (GAP) system has been carried out as a potential solution to the economic haulage of oil sands. The GAP system has been simplified to a planar mechanism of seven-bar linkage for theoretical modeling. Dynamic models have been developed based on the kinematics and dynamics of machinery and the Euler Lagrangian dynamic formulation. The GAP virtual prototype has been created and simulated in Automatic Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems (ADAMS) software. The models have been integrated into a real time 3-D system simulation for generating important engineering data including angles, displacements, torque and forces. Based on the results from the conceptual design and performance analysis of the GAP system, the latter is viable in a virtual laboratory. The results indicate that the GAP system meets the operating requirement of every unit displacement of 60 m.

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