A Learning Model for Software Development Processes

G. Abu and J.W. Cangussu (USA)


learning model, software development process, S-curve model.


The software industry is constantly affected by the adop tion of new programming languages, new programming paradigms, new testing techniques, and new processes stan dards among other novelties. Therefore learning plays an important role in the productivity of software develop ers. This paper presents a novel quantitative model for the Learning curve of software developer(s) during the soft ware development cycle. A detailed account of existing ex perience models for traditional industries is presented and analyzed. The proposed Learning model is investigated for its ability to represent the dynamic nature of the software process where number of software developers may change. A large number of theoretical learning models for variety of traditional industries are available. However, the nature of software development has led to the adoption of an S shaped curve for the learning associated with the software industry. Further investigation of the learning model to ver ify Brook's Law is done by evaluating the effect of adding a new member into the development team.

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