New Approach for Retail of Electricity and Additional Services on a Deregulated Power Market

A.Z. Morch, H. Sæle (Norway), Z. Baida (The Netherlands), and S.I. Foss (Norway)


Deregulation, retail, bundling, conceptual modelling, configuration


The paper starts with a case study of TrønderEnergi AS, a Norwegian electric utility. The study first assesses the existing possibilities and business incentives for bundling of product and services at TrønderEnergi AS. Further, the study presents an Ontologic methodological basis, which is necessary for an automated web-based bundling of complex products and services in the Energy sector. The use of the Service Ontology provides a new knowledge of how to model the services in the energy domain, and to evaluate different bundles before they are introduced to the market. The paper presents one of the first projects, which successfully exploits methodologies from Knowledge Management (KM) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Energy domain.

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