A Novel Approach for Tuning of Minimum Performance Robust PSS using Genetic Algorithm

R. Singh and I. Sen (India)


Power system stability, Power system stabilizer, Robust control, GA based controllers


This paper presents a novel approach for designing a fixed gain robust power system stabilizer (PSS) with particu lar emphasis on achieving a minimum closed loop perfor mance, over a wide range of operating and system condi tion. The minimum performance requirements of the con troller has been decided apriori and obtained by using a genetic algorithm (GA) based power system stabilizer. The proposed PSS is robust to changes in the plant parameters brought about due to changes in system and operating con dition, guaranteeing a minimum performance. The efficacy of the proposed method has been tested on a multimachine system. The proposed method of tuning the PSS is an at tractive alternative to conventional fixed gain stabilizer de sign, as it retains the simplicity of the conventional PSS and still guarantees a robust acceptable performance over a wider range of operating and system condition.

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