Description of RANNs and their Generalisation Capabilities by Means of Rule Extraction by Genetic Programming

M. Gestal, J.R. Rabuñal, J. Dorado, and J. Pereira (Spain)


Genetic Programming, Recurrent Artificial Neural Networks, Rule Extraction, Algorithm of Example Generation, Generalisation Capabilities, Series Prediction


Artificial Neural Networks have achieved satisfactory results in different fields such as example classification or image identification. Real-world processes usually have a temporal evolution, and they are the type of processes where Recurrent Networks have special success. Nevertheless they are still reluctantly used, mainly due to the fact that they do not adequately justify their response. But, if ANNs offer good results, why giving them up? Suffice it to find a method that might search an explanation to the outputs that the ANN provides. This work presents a technique, totally independent from ANN architecture and the learning algorithm used, which makes possible the justification of the ANN outputs by means of expression trees.

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