Interaction Scenarios in the 'Social' Experience Factory: Assembling Collaborative Artefacts through Component Reuse and Social Interaction

D. Akoumianakis, N. Vidakis, G. Vellis, G. Milolidakis, and D. Kotsalis (Greece)


Domain-specific visual languages, collaboration, experience factory


This paper describes interaction scenarios in the context of community-based collaborative activities. We first present the notion of a ‘social’ experience factory (SEF) which underlies the conduct of collaborative work in the context of an electronic village of local interest on regional tourism. The SEF is biased towards building up experiences for reuse and facilitating the production of artefacts (information-based services) by assembling deposited ‘shared’ components. In its current formulation, the SEF implements techniques and tools for building visual domain-specific languages and constructing artefacts as instances of a corresponding family. The paper reports on the details of these techniques and illustrates their application in the construction, negotiation and tailoring of vacation packages in the domain of tourism.

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