A Feasibility Study of Planting Nuclear Power Plants in Java-Bali Madura, Indonesia

J. Romantika and R. Jidin (Indonesia)


Nuclear power, power generation and PERSERO.


The rapid increase of electricity demand in Indonesia since the last five years has made planting new large plants into its national grid unavoidable. However, considering the incessant increase of current and future price of fossil fuel, these new plants are expected to include nuclear-based. Nuclear is the option, based on projection of depleting fossil fuel sources against its increasing demand, relatively stable cost of nuclear fuels, and current generation nuclear plant is far safer and less construction time compared than its predecessors, though public concern has to be appropriately dealt initially. This paper investigates issues associated with nuclear power plant (NPP) and analyzes the feasibility of planting such plants in Java-Madura-Bali, Indonesia. However, planting NPP’s entails high capital cost and also draws opponent from the public, and even more so when the active seismic activities take place in most part of the said region. Specifically, this study evaluates the viability of planting nuclear plants in terms of the system grid capacity to accommodate such big power plants, indigenous primary energy sources, required human resources, and finally the seismic concern.

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