A Reminder System for Memory Loss

M. McLarty, E. Migicovsky, P. Srikantha, A. Gopal, P. Marchwica, C. Gawne, P. Yu, and J. Zelek (Canada)


Alzheimer’s, hygiene, memory


The inhibiting nature of semantic and short-term memory loss caused by Alzheimer’s disease (AD) severely impedes the ability of an individual to perform routine tasks. In order to enhance the independence of these individuals, a device that aids with the completion of daily hygiene related tasks in the bathroom through a sequence of prompts has been designed. Various needs identified through the course of user interviews and a survey are addressed by the design through the incorporation of instructional animations on a screen coupled with auditory prompts and compact modules containing hygiene tools that are packaged with a series of lights which visually highlight the next required tool. Sensors positioned to detect the presence of a user trigger these components.

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