A Web-Visualization Approach for 3D Elastic Medium Modeling and Simulation

C. Popirlan and M. Dupac (Romania)


Web-Based Simulation, Visualization, 3-Dimensional Modeling, Dynamic Modeling, Object Oriented Implemen tation.


The importance of 3D modeling in virtual reality and com putational vision was a challenging subject and a long mo tivation for researchers. In this paper the visualization of a 3D elastic model in a Java Servlet web environment un der the support of 3D mass (particles) spring model is pre sented. The contact between particles is modeled with elas tic springs. The expression of the spring elastic constants are presented, the external/internal force evaluated, and the position of each particle continuously updated. Two types of 3D elastic models, a sailing ship and a curtain, are sim ulated and visualized.

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