Dynamic Learning Environment using a Service-Oriented Architecture

S. Dawson and S. Sezer


Web-based education, web services, remote laboratory, service-orientated architecture


In the future, academic institutions will populate a common service pool with many autonomous self-describing services. Faculties will be required not only to provide their own dedicated services via the web, but also to provide services that interact and cooperate with other services to provide a rich learning experience to the user. As groups have grown within these institutions, the efficiency of collaboration between them has decreased, which has led to the inefficient use of resources. To promote an increase in resource and design reuse in academia, there is a need for more efficient management of both computing and human resources. This makes this area an ideal case study for web-based service collaboration. This article begins with an investigation into current web-based learning resources and technologies. A framework for integrating common academic services via the web is then developed. This framework is subsequently implemented and a demonstration system is presented.

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