Evaluation of Adaptive Hypermedia Authoring Patterns During a Socrates Programme Class

A. Cristea and P. Cristea


Adaptive Educational Hypermedia (AEH), authoring of Adaptive Educational Hypermedia, adaptive patterns


The authors present a second experiment in combining teaching and research: the testing of MOT and its new adaptive patterns. MOT is an adaptive hypermedia authoring tool based on the LAOS adaptive hypermedia authoring framework. The patterns are implemented via an adaptive language that uses a low-granularity domain model, LAOS, to extract the adaptation alternatives. The tests were performed in a class of over thirty students enrolled in the fourth year of the University “Politehnica" of Bucharest, taking a two-week intensive course in adaptive hypermedia. The focus of this article is on the experiment itself and its parameters: the setting and initial planning, the implementation, and the results. The authors comment on and interpret the results.

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