A.K.M. Azad and P. Nadakuditi


Internet-based laboratory, distance-learning, computer interfacing,and web security


An existing challenge for engineering educators is that of providing students with an adequate laboratory experience at a time and place convenient to the students along with maximizing the use of existing laboratory facilities. One potential solution is to create an Internet-based physical laboratory that enables students to conduct all necessary experiments at a time and place of their own choosing and to do so at their own pace. The paper describes the development of an Internet-based physical laboratory facility that will enable students to perform experiments involving real-life experiments over the Internet. A live video and audio will also be available to the user to monitor the physical motion involving an experiment. The uniqueness of the developed system is its cost effectiveness, modularity in design, web security, and evaluation facility. A provision has also been made to monitor the extent of utilization of this facility, which can be used to assess the usefulness of this facility along with student evaluation.

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