W. Tarng and H.-H. Liou


Internet, virtual reality, virtual zoo, web learning


The objective of this paper is to investigate the virtual reality and web technologies for developing an Internet virtual zoo, which provides a web-learning environment for obtaining knowledge about animals. We created 3D scenes of several exhibition areas based on their climates and geographical features, and designed user interface, tour map, and online games such as ones involving treasure hunting and breeding of animals. The dynamic models of animals were developed according to their appearances and habitual behaviour, and the completed models were placed in the exhibition areas and controlled by programs to simulate the dynamic motions of animals. The virtual zoo is highly interactive, with stereo visual effects, and we can visit the website through a network at any time and from any place. It is designed to simulate animals and their ecological environments for educational and recreational purposes. Therefore, the virtual zoo can be used to enhance knowledge about animals and to promote ecological protection.

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