M.V. Molykutty,∗ R. Srinivasaraghavan,∗ and S. Thayumanavan∗∗


Tannery effluent, total dissolved solids, flow modelling, mass trans- port modelling


Ground water quality modelling of Upper Palar basin, Tamil Nadu, India, which is polluted due to the disposal of tannery effluents is carried out to know the movement of total dissolved solids (TDS) in the ground water of the basin. The tanneries located on either side of the river dispose their effluents in small streams and finally it reaches the river. The ground water also gets polluted as the river water seeps into it. The water quality parameters in the area are found to be above the permissible limits. The annual surface water resource of Upper Palar zone of the Palar River is about 465 million cubic metre (MCM). The total annual pumping from the study area (study area does not include the full Upper Palar basin, total area of Upper Palar basin is 2,037 km2) is calculated as 137 MCM, out of which 61% goes to irrigation requirement, 27% and 12% go to domestic and industrial requirements, respectively. The model was developed using the VISUAL MODFLOW package. First the flow modelling of the basin is developed to find out the hydraulic heads and velocity of flow of ground water in the basin. The calculated values are retrieved in the mass transport modelling package MT3D to find the concentration of TDS in the ground water for various scenarios.

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