V. Uskov and A. Uskov


Technology-based education, instructor’s skills, world survey


In 2006 the International Journal on Advanced Technology for Learning (ATL), InterLabs Research Institute (IRI) at Bradley University (Peoria, IL, USA), and the leaders of the Annual International Conferences on Computers and Advanced Technology in Education (CATE Conference) and Web-Based Education (WBE Conference) organized and managed a world survey of experts in the area of Technology-Based Education (TBE). The goal of the survey was to identify a profile of a modern instructor for TBE – this area includes but is not limited to information and communication technology (ICT) based education, computer-based education (CBE), stored (like CDs, DVDs, video- and audio cassettes) media-based education, WBE, Internet2-based education, interactive TV-based education, open broadcast TV-based education, mobile TBE education. The selected components of instructor’s profile include but are not limited to (1) ownership of technology, (2) self-reported skills regarding various information, computer, software, communication, and collaboration technologies, (3) technologies used in TBE and hours spent per week on technology-related activities, and (4) use of main technologies for WBE such as learning management systems (LMS), repositories of learning objects (RLO), digital libraries (DL), open courseware (OCW), etc. The feedback from a total of 92 experts, who represent 61 institutions (colleges, universities, and training institutions) from 26 countries all over the world, is summarized below.

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