Graphical Tool for the Optical Recognition of Scores in White Mensural Notation

S. Sammartino, L.J. Tardón, and I. Barbancho (Spain)


OMR, Graphical User interface, Score, White mensural notation, Handwriting Analysis, Image processing


A complete system with an interactive graphical user inter face for Optical Music Recognition, specially adapted for scores written in white mensural notation of the 17th and 18th centuries, is described in this paper. Color photographies, or scanned images, are used as inputs to the system. A series of pre-processing steps are aimed to improve their quality and return binary images to be processed. Further steps follow, as the blanking of staff lines and the extraction of music symbols. Finally, their classification and recognition, aimed to return a digital transcription of the original document, is done. The graphical user interface is developed in order to allow the user to follow the workflow and continuously feed back the different tasks performed.

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