Towards an Integrated Network Control Architecture

P.-B. Bök, D. Pielken, and Y. Tüchelmann (Germany)


network, control, broadcast, authentification, measurement, monitoring


The challenge of efficient network control grows with the deployment of any further application or node. Troubleshooting of several errors and performance optimization can hardly be accomplished without a broadly based measurement. And also monitoring and management tasks have to be performed within this dynamic growing environment. In this context, secure and confidential communication as well as data privacy are issues to be fixed. Existing architectures do not provide efficient and flexible solutions for these issues. For example, they consider neither efficient probe distribution, nor efficient handling of traffic generated by their applications or data privacy aspects. We propose a novel architecture which allows for high scalable integrated network control including a fully distributed network control structure for measurement, monitoring and management. Furthermore we introduce a hier archical group communication structure using a broadcast authentification mechanism. Thereby several shortcomings of existing architectures are reduced. The proposed architecture also allows to execute different tasks at the same time on a range of machines without affecting the systems’ or the networks’ performance significantly. The perfor mance of our architecture is verified through performance tests run within a prototype.

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