Low-Complex Task Scheduling Algorithms for Hierarchical Embedded Many-Core Architectures and Dynamic Applications

A. Guerre, N. Ventroux, R. David, and A. Mérigot (France)


Task scheduling, Embedded system, Many-core architecture, Clustering algorithm


Embedded systems require more and more computational power. Moreover, embedded applications are becoming data-dependent and their execution time depends on their input data. Only a dynamic global scheduling can balance the workload on the computation resources and reach good performances. Thus, a solution to address this problem is to use many-core architectures with a dynamic and centralized control. In this article, we propose new on-line scheduling algorithms adapted to hierarchical many-core embedded systems. The proposed algorithms reduce communications between clusters in order to increase global performance. This paper highlights the good results of a scheduling algorithm named Static Clustering Dynamic Mapping. It consists in dividing the application graph offline and dynamically allocating each part on each cluster.

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