Visualizing Group Interactions and Individual Participations in Reminiscence Therapy

T. Hirotomi, K. Mikami, M. Hirakawa, and K. Sakamoto (Japan)


Graphical Interfaces, Social Visualization, Group Interaction, Reminiscence Therapy, Rehabilitation Support System


“Reminiscence therapy” is a popular conversational rehabilitation therapy for the elderly people. In this therapy, a group of the elderly people exchange their experiences and knowledge to enhance relationships between them and with caregivers at nursing homes and daycare centers, as well as to develop their confidence and self-esteem. The effectiveness of this therapy is evaluated in views of group interactions and individual participations. We have developed a reminiscence therapy support system. It presents visualizations of data related to those views to staffs of nursing homes and daycare centers during the therapy. The data are generated through real-time analysis of utterances of all participants. They can be the quantitative evidence for the staffs to observe entire group and individuals and make better interventions. In this paper, the design and implementation of the system are described. Special attention is paid to presenting pilot studies to examine the performance and effectiveness of the system.

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