TWTD: A Multi-Touch Tutoring System for the Physically Challenged

A. Zeid, A. Amin, M. Al-Najdi, and A. Al-Rowaished (Kuwait)


E-learning, physically challenged education, multi-touchuser interfaces.


Teaching physically challenged students using computers has always been a real challenge. Based on the level of disability, the tools (software and hardware) may change. After all, with the incredible growing technologies and trained professionals, we can hold higher expectations than previously before possible by developing a software that will help disabled people make best use of information and communication technology by giving information, help and support on all aspects of disability computing. In this paper, we introduce They Want They Do (TWTD) which is multi-touch educational software that aims at teaching physically challenged students basic skills (English, Mathematics, colors, science) using computers. The application uses a combination of technologies in an economically feasible way. TWTD was tested in public schools for the physically challenged students in Kuwait.

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