Computer-Graded Time-Restricted Supervised Examinations in Undergraduate Mathematics Courses

D. Glin, J. Cerny, and M. Wrubleski (Canada)


Computer-graded assessment, mathematics courses, tutorials, web based education, on-line evaluation.


While computer-graded assessments are becoming more prevalent, there are still several obstacles to overcome before they are viewed as being as effective as their hand graded counterparts. Especially in areas such as mathematics, computer systems must be versatile enough to accept different forms of student input well beyond multiple choice and numerical response. While such systems are currently evolving and becoming extremely robust, the technology to provide assessments using these systems in a supervised, restricted environment is lagging behind. The major challenge to be addressed is to provide a system where assessments are graded electronically, while ensuring that the student's work is their own by preventing access to unauthorized external aids. Here we describe a system which, in addition to providing computer-graded homework assignments, also provides computer graded in-class quizzes in a controlled environment. This environment allows students access to the assessment via computers, yet restricts them from accessing any other resources. This has the double benefit of providing immediate feedback to the students on their performance, while simultaneously reducing the staffing costs of both grading and supervision.

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