The Efficacy of Mode-A eLearning Sites: An Exploration of eLearning through Grounded Theory

P. Busch, K. Archer, S. Ozay, A. Rittau, and D. Richards (Australia)


eLearning, LMS, Modes, Grounded Theory


eLearning is a new and exciting area for educators in so far as it promises to deliver a student centred approach to learning; frees the student up to gain access to learning material when it suits them; provides an online record for educators whether students have accessed that material and often incorporates audio and visual aspects that empower the disabled at the same time, to name but a few advantages. There are of course downsides to eLearning that are often expressed through the often quite legitimate insecurities of academic staff that their intellectual property is able to more easily be reproduced; that their class attendances have dwindled; that students are now simply using eLearning as a placebo for real learning which takes place in the classroom. This paper explores eLearning through grounded theory, presents a map of important key terms and provides a small sample survey to assess student attitudes to their use of Learning Management Systems.

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