Impact of Web-based Training on Knowledge Management in Companies

I. Hamburg (Germany)


Web-based training, knowledge management, small andmedium-sized companies, community of practice


Companies need to improve their knowledge environments and bases, their ways of acquiring and creating new knowledge and their learning abilities. They also need to make efficient use of new technologies in relation to knowledge management (KM) in order to survive and be competitive. Training facilitated by eLearning 2.0 (which is based on Web 2.0: Web-based training) is an important tool which enables KM to become a revolutionary method of workforce empowerment equipping users with the skills and knowledge needed to turn change into advantage. In this paper we discuss how to organize Web-based training to support KM in small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) which particularly need help. Some SMEs have focused on KM using it as an innovation capability enabler, but many of the practiced KM approaches have failed. Life long learning (LLL) strategies were missing. We give as an example a European eLearning project coordinated by the author. Strategies were developed to enable SMEs to take full advantage of eLearning in their Web-based training. We involved SMEs and eLearning experts in a European community of practice (CoP) to share their learning and knowledge and to develop a collaboration of learning and KM resources.

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