Development of an e-Map Mobile System with Vertical Screen for Training Navigation Skill

H. Miyata and M. Sannomiya (Japan)


A Web-based Electrical Map, Web-based training System for navigation skill, GPS Navigation, Vertical Screen for Street View, Geographic recognition of human


We analyzed the issues associated with navigation systems that run on mobile devices with built-in GPS. Further, by incorporating the latest findings from the field of cognitive science, we developed a Web-based electronic map system (e-Map) that simulates the cognitive map that is generated within the human brain during spatial cognition of a large-scale environment. The aim of the present system is not to navigate the user but to stimulate the meta-cognitive facility in humans and to train the navigation skill of the user so that he/she is ultimately able to reach the destination using only a paper map, without the help of the present system. Results from a field trial that involved undertaking a return trip to and from a particular destination have indicated that there was no difference in the time required to reach the destination when using the present system for the outbound trip compared to when using a traditional GPS navigation system. However, the groups that used the present system had a better score for the return trip, which was made without the use of any systems. This result suggests that the human navigation skill can be trained by using the eMap system.

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