Present Web-based Technologies in Portugal: Regular Middle and High School - Possible New Mixed Model

T. Florentino and L. Joyanes (Spain)


Web-based technologies in Portuguese Middle and High School.


This article refers some details about Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), particularly web based equipments, tools and applications in Portuguese Middle and High regular public Schools. This article is based on a study started in 2007 and which is now in a final and consolidation phase. This study also includes statistical analysis based on the questionnaires made in “Grande Lisboa” (main Lisbon parishes). According to these questionnaires, technologies are quite accepted by teachers and students. Use and quantity of resources restrain learning evolution in more recent technologies. Web-based technologies are insufficient inside schools, the use is low and there is a shortage of training. ICT maintenance can also be difficult to manage inside schools. Updating existing programs and the acquisition of ICT equipments are goals to reach in the years to come. Combining theoretical knowledge and on field perceptions, analysis and evaluation leads us to conclude that, inside Portuguese Middle and High Schools, it seems we have some evident discrepancies between quantity and use of ICT resources. Web-based learning is probably a desired goal yet far from the real and effective use in Portuguese education. However, we are optimistic, perspectives are good and we will overcome this problem.

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