Control of Temperature in a Batch Reactor using an Inverse Model - The Feedback Part of the Algorithm

G. Karer, I. Škrjanc, and B. Zupančič (Slovenia)


Algorithms and Computation Theories; Interdisciplinary Applications of Computer Science and Engineering; Hybrid Fuzzy Model; Batch Reactor


In this paper we describe the design of a control algorithm for MISO systems, which can be modelled as hybrid fuzzy models. Hybrid fuzzy models present a convenient approach to modelling nonlinear hybrid systems, such as batch reactors. The control scheme we are discussing splits the control algorithm in two parts: the feedforward part and the feedback part. We briefly present the feedforward part of the control algorithm, which is based on an inverse of a hybrid fuzzy model. Next, we treat the feedback part of the control algorithm, which consists of linearization of the hybrid fuzzy model, introduction of the incremental model, and the determination of the feedback control signal. Finally, we verify the method on a batch-reactor example. The main advantage of the proposed approach is that the feedforward part of the control algorithm can bring the system close to the desired adjusted feasible trajectory, which avoids the need for a very complex feedback part of the algorithm. Therefore, the control algorithm presents a low computational burden, particularly comparing to the standard model predictive control algorithms. These usually require a considerable computational effort, which of ten thwarts their implementation on real industrial systems.

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