Interactive Model for Human Resource Planning in Operating a Group of Different Cycle Time

T. Kataoka, K. Tanaka, and M. Hasegawa (Japan)


Scheduling, Interactive Model, Human Resource Planning, Different Cycle Time


The poor state of the economies all over the world has been changing the environment of manufacturing processes and human resource planning. In particular, almost every manufacturing site has been supported by a lot of part-time, temporary, or mid-career personnel. The days when companies had a lot of talented people as regular employees and held onto them for the long term are a thing of the past. However, excellent leaders of front-line workers must design more complex human resource strategies that take into consideration the workers’ skills. On the other hand, it is also a fact that these leaders must redesign daily human resource planning by hand writing, considering changeable workers’ skills. Because most human resource planning systems do not consider a worker’s skills, it can be effective enough to provide even the simple support tool that a sub-leader, rather than the leader, can redesign the current strategy using an interactive interface. Therefore, we propose a simple graphical interactive support tool for human resource planning using PERT concepts, and we discuss the effectiveness of our study compared with redesigned time, operation finished period and workload.

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