T-DMB GIS-AEAS Receiver Model

S.-G. Kwon, S.-H. Lee, E.-J. Lee, T.-Y. Seong, and K.-R. Kwon (Korea)


T-DMB, Automatic Emergency Alert Service(AEAS), Transmitter Identification Information, Geographical Information System(GIS)


This paper presents a method of operating an emergency warning system on T-DMB and a design of a T-DMB GIS-AEAS(Automatic Emergency Alert Service) receiver model. The proposed receiver model compares the geographical location of an emergency with the location of a DMB transmitting station by using a T-DMB broadcasting signal and classifies the receiver location into one of the following three categories: an alert region, a neighbouring region, or a non-alert region. We implemented the proposed receiver model, which consisted of a display section, a storage section, a DMB module for receiving the broadcasting signal, and a control section, and we performed a test emergency alert broadcasting using a T-DMB signal generator. From the experimental results, we verified that the AEAS message could be displayed on the receiver that was located in the alert region and the neighbouring region, and it could not be displayed on the receiver that was located in the non alert region.

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