Information Technology and Environmental Sustainability for a Higher Education Institution

A. Kurkovsky and D. Pursell (USA)


Sustainable development, environment, information technology, education


Environmental aspects of sustainability, as well as sustainable development itself, are the key components of the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014) organized and supported by the United Nations. For the first college that has been established in the 21st century in the USA, we propose several directions, including environmental activities, to meet the demands of sustainability. We analyze existed modeling and technological approaches that can be used to support sustainability at a higher education institution. We propose an original way to combine various existing and new approaches and models (education, economy, sociology, and environment) into a united technological complex for the analysis of sustainable development of a college or university. In this paper we propose a simulation-based technology at a conceptual level that will support day-by-day sustainability-related operations. The technology will also generate a set of scenarios to support sustainability and administrative decision-making process at the higher education institution.

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