Modelling and Simulation Approach for the Performance Evaluation of a Wireless Sensor Network

M. LaManna (Italy)


Communication networks, modelling, simulation, cluster, connectivity and wireless sensor networks


Performance evaluation of a wireless sensor network is carried out by means of either analysis or simulation. Although simulation is the approach that can give more reliable results, it needs complex programs, which require costly workstations to produce results in a reasonable time. When the wireless sensor network is based on a clustered architecture, i.e. when the network can be described as a collection of node clusters, performance evaluation can benefit from both analysis and simulation and from the principle of “divide and conquer”. In fact, we can apply the analytical approach to the top level of the network and simulation to the other levels (clusters and subclusters), by adopting scalable strategies. The use of mathematical modelling and simulation languages, such as Matlab, is well suited to this approach. The result is that performance evaluation is carried out in a short time and can be practically applied to feasibility assessment. In this paper, this scalable performance evaluation approach is presented and a practical case study is reported, that shows applicability of this approach and achieved results in a typical case study.

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