Improvement of the Conventional Solar Cell Characteristics

K. Kovačević-Markov (Bosnia and Herzegovina), A. Vasić, E. Doličanin, G. Ilić, and K. Stanković (Serbia)


Renewable energy sources, solar energy, noise, and radiation


Faced with an alarming increase of energy consumption on one side, and very limiting amounts of available conventional energy sources on the other, scientists have turned to the most promising, renewable energy sources. Possibilities for the application of solar systems based on photovoltaic conversion of solar energy are very wide, primarily because of their relatively low cost and very important fact that solar energy is most acceptable source of electrical energy from the environmental point of view. Recently, increased investments in the development of PV technology are observed worldwide. However, as every other energy source, PV technology also has some limitations and disadvantages, primarily connected to their low efficiency. There are several trends in the development of the solar cells, but mainly two directions are indicated: improvement of the conventional solar cells characteristics based on semiconductor materials, and exploring the possibilities of using some new materials. The aim of this paper is to present some different approaches of improvement of solar cells.

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