An SMS-based Healthcare Information Storage and Retrieval System

A.N. Masizana-Katongo, G. Anderson, D. Mpoeleng, T. Taukobong, G. Mosweunyane, O.T. Eyitayo, and B. Gopolang (Botswana)


Information Storage and Retrieval, SMS, HIV/AIDS, Healthcare 1 Background 1.1 The IHISM Research Project IHISM (Integrated healthcare Information System through Mobile telephony) is a project conducted in the Computer Science Department at the University of Botswana. It is a Microsoft-funded project. It aims to explore the use of mobile phones as an access technology to a variety of HIV/AIDS related information required by the general public. This information is very critical as one t


This position paper proposes an architecture for implementation of a storage and retrieval system in a mobile healthcare system. It is part of the IHISM-ISRA architecture that has been previously proposed and formulated. In this work we aim to present a text based retrieval system which acts as the first step towards the implementation of IHISM-ISRA with plans to adapt to multimedia environment in the future. The paper covers the technical requirements in the design of the storage and retrieval system.

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