A New Look at Matched Filtering and Dechirping Compression Algorithms for Stepped-Frequency Chirp Signal

Y. Zhang, W. Zhai, X. Zhang, and J. Jiang (PR China)


Stepped-Frequency Chirp Signal (SFCS), High-resolution,Pulse compression, Matched Filtering, Dechirping.


We present a new look at the matched filtering and dechirping compression algorithms for stepped-frequency chirp signal (SFCS) by introducing different equivalent chirp models, i.e. the former approach results in an equivalent chirp signal with same time width as that of subchirp but much larger chirp rate and the later approach results in an equivalent chirp with same chirp rate as that of subchirp but much wider time width. Some practical issues are addressed for implementing the algorithms into radar system, e.g. the amplitude and phase errors correction to subchirp and the amplitude balance between subchirps. Both simulation and real data processing results are presented to show they are in high accordance with each other.

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