Mobile Adaptive Digital Array Radar (MADAR) System

A. Bassyouni (USA)


Phased Array Antenna, Beam Forming, Solid state gallium nitride, and RF Digital Receiver.


This paper presents an innovative architecture for a feasible Mobile Adaptive Digital Array Radar (MADAR) system that could be utilized for detection and tracking different sizes of short range targets from fighter aircrafts to UAV, rockets, and cannons projectiles. The author proposed the MADAR system in order to achieve a high performance level over the current radar versions in the field such as EQ-36. The proposed MADAR is an S-band phased array radar system utilizing the gallium nitride solid state cavity transceivers, microstrip radiators elements, Adaptive Beam Forming (ABF), and sophisticated digital receiver algorithms. The innovative ideas applied into the proposed MADAR will achieve improved performance parameters such as receiver dynamic range, detection range, resolution range, beam pattern, beam pointing accuracy, higher probability of small targets detection in heavy clutters, lower rate of false alarms, lower clutter to signal to noise ratio, lower side lobes level, and lighter weight aperture array. The MADAR system eventually will provide the capability to detect, classify, track and determine the location of enemy indirect fire, such as mortars, artillery and rockets in either 90-degree or 360-degree modes.

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